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We are driven by God gifted instincts. We always react instantly to safety and then set habit to stay in comfort by keeping away from danger. One can rarely see a person not running away from a burning fire; one can rarely see a person not trying to cover up to warm up from cold and one can hardly see a person not eating when hungry. When we are hungry, we are forced to eat to survive and knowing that we need to eat, we eat regularly even if we do not feel hungry. If one does not do that then he is sick.

If someone’s health is degrading our medical science has evolved to the stage that it has formulated many parameters to prove the sickness. A successful company’s management is never criticized and a failure company’s management is always the first thing to blame no matter who runs the company. We have seen that with YouTube and Enron. One doesn’t need to be a graduate in Management (Management Guru) to manage successfully.

The statement I have just put can be very controversial. Being a healthy person is very different from being a medical doctor.

A medical doctor can check a person and generate his health report; on the contrary the doctor himself can be a sick person. You know, it is easier said that done. Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Coordinating , Reporting, Budgeting etc are defined parameters which are in the head of the management gurus to quantify or justify the level of management, but having these learnt is just not enough to make you a good manager. It is an instinct that you inherit. It is something that you have to born with. The Total Quality Management that Gurus are preaching is different from what practical Managers pitch to get jobs done. There are books that tell you how to motivate your coworkers; there are books that tell you how to organize your things and there are books that even tell you how to become successful. I have read few such books and got impressed but I found myself getting lost all the time when I try to follow it.

Eventually I dumped it and followed my instinct to organize myself. So I strongly believe that all of you can become a successful manager one day and exercise quality management totally coming out of your instinct and your capability. The theory helps but is just and idea and the field training is just what all of you need. I know my ideas are extreme but this is how it is!

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  2. Hiya, I’m really glad I have found this information. Nowadays bloggers publish only about gossip and net stuff and this is really irritating. A good website with interesting content, that is what I need. Thanks for making this website, and I’ll be visiting again. Do you do newsletters by email?

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  5. Trying to manage things just by self-instinct is sort of showing over-confidence. Self-instinct must be tested and must be validated by rank and file. Do not rely too much on self-awareness. Please share your ideas with your group and be ready to accept criticism. Do not shoot messanger. Best in the company are those who bring bad message to you.


  6. Thanks for your nice presentation and explanation on being a night toddler/Hunter/OWL. If your non-best shots are like these , how would it be possible to quarantine your best arrows? You seem knowledgable too about many facts and not totally out-of-sync. However, it looks like you enjoy firing others with the power of the potential stored in your english projectile which is fatal to any target wherever it falls, like the “TORA BORA” carpet bombs. NO WAY OUT..surrounded by the chips of your explosion where everything seems to be melting with no place to Stand. I am trying to run now without leaving any traces.

  7. ‘Man-O-Man’ I never looked my watch and never thought of an odd hour to increase the reputation of the topic. Let me tell you all something I am not a messiah nor I have extra-boundary talent. My words are as straight as a PROJECTILE hitting the desired target. If my words have rattled any individual, then you probably have heart of a chicken. You want to dig your brain for its relevancy then you may disappoint yourself searching for one, unless my questions meant a thing to you.

    Nilesh might be exceptional at whatever he does, but one should understand that everyone is not short of critics if it’s required. Since it’s a public pool my questions were directed to all the managers who feel they are the best and others are a piece of s***. It was definitely not directed to a single individual.

    Don’t worry folks my best are yet to come.

  8. I like Eric’s thought provoking question, but do not aqppreciate his style. Eric seems to be impolite and arrogant too as LPK says. However, Nilesh should ponder and look into the mirror and ask if he has been impolite and arrogant to any of his subordinates. Successful managers are polite, possess ability to listen and see problems ahead of time.

    Eric’s Neighbor

  9. Eric’s proposition on the Management GURU Title makes me ask something.
    Has the author ever boasted that he possess superb skills that no one else ever dreamed of? Eric must have extra-natural/extra-terrestrial and extra-commoner/extra-boundary talent in being able to ask those questions in the TONE reflected there. I do not see anywhere that he does not want to take lessons anymore from Eric or anybody.
    Moreover, by Stressing QUALITY in big letters, Eric should be proving that he is Quality conscious in every letter (even **) and their meanings when he contradicts the Writer’s idea.
    It should be this real fingerprint of Eric that we should follow his trend in criticizing public opinions in any way we like, but make the opponent caught in Questions even if relevancy exists in the topic or not, because this is a blog and we can express our ideas freely not caring about World-wide readers, and our writings do not affect us in any way as nobody recognizes us and there is no anti-spoofing/anti-Identity proving mechanism built in the Letters that we choose.I feel good that such open critic too exist who provide all round social logic to verify that social structures behave differently in different topics. Eric shows his arrogance(teach me some proper word) too because of the sharp words he has chosen and the way of presenting his idea reflects his willingness to win over the author’s reflections with Sharp edged knife so proper butchering can take place of management principles who have different views than those of Eric.Eric should be some manager or director of some fancy sci-fi movie or Documentary or real world when I searched the root and found the name to tally with Eric vall,,ie.. who made the Nepali Documentary Caravan and became popular all over the world and I hope that our Eric, the blogger will/is try to prove the same that he is the best ideal critiqe of contemporary blog. Let us see how much wrong we are in presenting our opinions and judging the spoffing/Phising relationships in the blog. The time Eric posts his blogs say, 4:30 PM and 1:30 AM shows that he is stuck with his reasonings in this blog at odd hours as well and such bloggers increase the reputation of our topics and method of presentation of criticizing tactis.

  10. Hello Nilesh,

    If logics was the first lesson you had taken off you would certainly know what I meant by “QUALITY” in my feedback.

    I am taking your written lines as a reference:::

    “”””””So I strongly believe that all of you can become a successful manager one day and exercise quality management totally coming out of your instinct and your capability.”””””””

    1)How the hell you think you are a successful manager ?

    2)Have you ever asked your subordinates if he/she is compatible with you?

    3)Have you ever taken a negative critics as a compliment ?

    4)If Haughtiness was the first word attach to your a** , how do you defy it ?

    5) Have you ever asked an apology to your subordinates for your foolishness?

    If you haven’t done any of these then you better put yourself into a category where you start being a manager forget about successful. That’s all I got to say about you or in fact to all the so called “SUCESSFUL” managers who feel they are on top and others can also achieve the same.

  11. HHHNHH YUP!!God has always followed the Natural Selection and Survival of Fittest law. We know that even doctors can get illness, and the GURUS are worser than the Pupils.It depends upon somebody’s blood flown from God’s blessings if he survives better than others.
    Any place in the world and history is proof that only a few selected reach the top, no matter if millions are competing. The Selection is not made by God because somebody do not want anybody to be there, but HE automatically decides and paves way for that anybody to be there on the TOP, if HE feels like that anybody not like by many buudies is the correct person to be there based on that anybody’s deeds. As you sow, so you mow. Harvests are eesential commodity to define one’s destiny, not anybody’s choice/favor, like/dislike. God Helps/Loves those who love/help others.Those loved by God reach the top no matter if world does not like the Person. World does not like Bush as much as Laden.But both are there, because of their deeds which they carried out on behalf of their comrades. If they had onlt thought on getting their personal ends only, without supporting people, they would have vanished from the golden pages of history. So, manager for protecting humanity and destroying both are included in the history without any differentiation because both have their Instincts which boosts them rise up in pursuiting what their blood and brain wants.
    We live for following our instincts to reality. Those of all who go to Harvard Business School do not necessarily be at top all the times and all the places they are in, because, The Place is made for the Person and nobody else.
    Getting Management or higher Degrees does not make somebody a good manager, because, courses are based on somebody’s insights and instincts/examples. Those who read the Course are not the writer himself or course designer. Only self capability and self functionality determines that SELF progresses towards TOP. Example: Nepal has National Planning Commission with PHDs. Nepal has heavy Number of CIVIL and other Engineers. REALITY:
    NEPAL is ruined. Its management is a failure.Its Povery alleviation is only a dream. Just look at the narrow/bumpy/ roads that symbolize Nepali narrowness from PHDs and engineers. Electricity problem(again 9 hours load shedding to start soon), eater, sanitation, housing, traffic….Problems everywhere, BUT WHY? Because the Engineers/PHDs, Planners/Policy makers/…never practically experienced any problem that is faced daily by common people, because they never worked, but just got Degrees,stayed at high level, never knew bottom, the Depth to apply a solution.
    The Person who has moved from bottom up experiencing all kind of environments is the real leader and manager, an Expertise is so developed in HIM/HER that even best of the Books cannot teach. Example:
    One company fired an old experienced person to make room for a MGMT GURU PUPIL who was directly put at top. One day some machine did not work and the company was in problem, as outputs could not be produced. THE GURU however thought that he shall seek the fired person for some help. The Fired old Experienced person said, “ok one million dollars”, and the deal was made.
    The OLD Experienced guy came with a large STONE and started hammering on the machine. The machine worked and the output was produced, and the company was saved. Now the MGMT GURU asked,”I cannot pay a million dollar for your Single hammerShot.” The Solution partaker replied,”Can you spend other 10 millions and recreate my experience on other body? If you can I am not taking a penny”, and finally he was given some respectable position in the company and surely, with a million dollar.
    It all happens because those who have got real life experience of toughest conditions know how to LIVE and LET others LIVE.

  12. I do not think your ideas are extreme at all. These are things that successful managers/leaders everywhere can identify with. Strong management is most often simply paying attention to the obvious – guided by instinct and honed by experience.

    All the rest are crutches.

  13. Eric,

    This is exactly what I have been expecting, but you guys should write something to contradict with my points. Provide logical explaination to prove me wrong and I will salute you.

  14. Do you have so called “QUALITY” to be a good Manager?
    OR you are tiring to set your own “QUALITY”? Which you are only aware of ……
    What other SAY?
    >>>>>Your subordinates<

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