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Make me Numb

I remember as a child, when a bus collapsed in Jogimara, Dhadhing killing almost 40 people on board, Nation had mourned. Thousands of people went to the crash site for the rescue efforts. It was a national story, because Nepal rarely used to see that vigorous loss of life. Last decade made me familiar with words like ‘killing’, ‘death’, ‘torture’, ‘execution’, along with my nation I no longer get touched by loss of few lives. I have turned insensitive towards price of Human life, human emotions. If I report those things to a psychiatrist, then he might suggest me some treatment. But I won’t go to psychiatrist, I won’t. Thank god, I am insensitive, thank god. , Otherwise, How could have I overlooked Kapilvastu? How could I have overlooked husband being burnt in-font of his newlywed wife? Oh god!!!! If you want to make people crueler, please I beg you make me number, make me insensitive, make me emotionally dead.

3 thoughts on “Make me Numb

  1. Well said, Nischal. I remember that incident, myself. If I’m not mistaken, it was shown on NTV – I remember crains pulling the bus out of the river. All of us were very sorry about those that lost their lives.

    Too bad, the options left to us today are:

    a) like what you said (be impassive)
    b) Talk about changes as part of one’s professoinal portfolio (national speakers)
    c) If you can’t beat them, join them (SPA)
    d) Beat them in their own trade (fight fire with fire)

    In a barbaric state, the fourth option would be the only option, where brawn makes rules, law and order. Too bad, Nepal is a barbaric state with a majority of civilized people like you, I and many others living in it. We can’t take up option d simply because we are civilized.

  2. Hmm.. I didn’t know you could be that emotional!! When gets going tough, then tough gets going. Cheer up!!

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