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Majhi Dai

Majhi Dai
252. Majhi Dai
Photo By: DreamSky
Posted Date: 13th Aug

When there were not enough bridges, they were the ones to help us cross the river and move ahead. But they were always left behind at the shore, no matter how many people they helped. Ironic it is that developments like bridge and road constructions are putting professions of boatmen and porters in to jeopardy. I have even heard of some feeble protests against such constructions by their community. Of course, new job opportunities have been created and they need help for the transition.

This photograph was taken at Phewa Lake (Pokhara) which unfortunately does not portray the exact story from the rural part of Nepal.

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-LIN Editor

7 thoughts on “Majhi Dai

  1. I simply enjoyed the mood of this picture the first time I saw it here in EU. Reflection of the setting Sun and Boatman on Fewa Lake is very dramatic. I must say it’s a very creative perspective which most photographers don’t flirt with while taking pictures. Low angle view made this picture an exceptional one. Picture taken from a different perspective other than human eyes, always gives Wow’ effect to the picture. This is what I was stressing in my comment on LIN’s post ‘Act of Fishing’.

    This picture is also an answer to those photographers who think favorable lighting condition is must to take good pictures. However, dark area at the bottom is negative (unnecessary) space in the picture and could easily avoid by tilting up the camera slightly and give much needed head room for the sky.

    And yes besides its technical stuffs, DreamSky is always good at revealing philosophical facet of ‘subject’. Description reveals unseen or uncared side of boatmen community. Keep it up!! DreamSky:smile:

  2. beautiful shot indeed!

    this shot was taken on an adventurous trip to pokhara:


    this was one of the best trips i’ve made! thanks for bringing it up again.

    and yes, the description gives an insight into the troubles these traditional professionals are facing. Another example in the “Gaine”. People rarely listen to the melodious stories of these musicians these days.

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