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Hiking from Lubu to Lakuri Bhanjyang via Panauti

Route: Lubu – Lakuri Bhanjyang – Panauti
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Hike Duration: 5.5 hours
Date: March 1, 2009
Participants: AnantaS, BhaskarB, HimalK, KamalS, KapilP, LavaK, MikeY, PrajwalS, SangeetaR, ShreeyaS, RashmiP, RudraP
Photos & Captions: BhaskarB
Creative Support: Dijup Tuladhar / Dhilung Kirat / Pallavi Sharma
Panauti: ~1500m, +27.59 (27°35’24″N) +85.52 (85°31’12″E)

Power of ‘E-Pati’ – by Bhaskar Bhattarai

This was a very subdued and a lazy hike. We alighted at Lubu and commenced the hike fifteen past nine in the morning. The conditions were mildly overcast and the temperature just about perfect. The team followed the zigzag trail (major portion through woods and at times through mud road) to Lakuri Bhanjyang. At the top, we distributed notebooks and pencils to the students of Shree Bashuki Lower Secondary School at Lamatar-9. The school was participating in the one-laptop-per-child program through some non governmental agencies. To me this was the highlight of the trip as I had only heard of this program but had never seen it being implemented. I learnt that the children could take their laptops home with them. There was a very pretty looking charging station to charge the laptops. Further the teacher even claimed that there was internet connection available, though it was out at the time we were there due to power cut. It would be very interesting to spend some time with the children and their family and to understand the impact of all this on themselves, their family and the community.

Lava Dai’s interesting guff! – by Prajwal Shrestha

How many of us have experienced telepathy? Well, all living organisms have different mechanisms going on inside their body. The mechanism or regulation that is deep rooted or has evolved continuously, controls our body, and we are what we dominantly possess. Like the recessive and dominant characters we possess, only dominant characters are reflected and recessive characters remain only in the genes. We have strong dominant mechanisms to sense light, sound, smell, taste and touch. What about other than these five concrete senses? Then Bhaskar Dai was talking all about some subdued waves that arise in our minds that we might not be aware of. Maybe we are not capable of sensing and manipulating those mechanisms.
WOW! Then Lava Dai came up with his experience of telepathy. He sometimes senses his wife needs him at home, and he instantly reaches there. He shared his experiences and remarked it had really worked for him many times.

The story after the split – by Sangeeta Rayamajhi

Finally the team decided to trek on two different trails; one to continue ascending and the other one to take a short break and descend. That’s when I joined the descent. Then we headed for Country kitchen, the most happening place for camping due to its geographical location and cooler climate. You get a 180 degree view of most of the mountains.

After quite a long rest we headed to our destination.To start off, we could either walk along the off road, with comfort which was more time consuming, or we could take the parallel steep trail that was full of withered leaves of dried pine, which was then a very slippery and risky one but at the same time consuming up to 1/3 of the time.

So all of us agreed to follow the second option and I’m happy to say we could make it without any flaws as we held on to each others’ hands at times of difficulty. We were accompanied by Himal dai — who turned out to be the most adept of our group at boulder hopping, undoubtedly a mountain goat.

And Mike was the most charming guest, despite all the hard walk and sweating, he looked very fresh just because of his smiling face. Shreeya being her second hiking could succeed without any difficulties. Hats off to Rashmi Di, without any complain she could walk through out the way.

Finally Ram dai was waiting for us on the way at Dhungel. And happily ever we drove back.

Pretty anecdotes – by Lava Kafle

We saw a large cow taking midday meal. The holy cow chewing holy generic grass , symbol of daily milk for most Nepalese, triggered a reaction to Lava. He had not lost memories of his early childhood when he was only a few months to 1 year of age. Lava was born on hilly Dolakha District of Nepal. His house did not own a cow neither could he get breast milk from mother. So, he was supplemented by breast feeding by his relatives’ mother. He claimed that he has many mothers to care for in future who breast fed milk to him to keep him alive.

Nepalinizing Hawkmaster as ChilGuru cannot be thought of otherwise. Lava wants to be the Hawk some day, the master of skills in grasping all common logic needed for achieving beyond common birds of English Language. Language is power. It must be concrete to generate common sense and meaning to others who listen and read. As Lava has slippery tongue, he wants to improve by catching the most necessary words in his English vocabulary from those who already became ChilGuru. BhaskarB too wished Lava to be more meticulous after baptizing from the HawkMaster. D2 is growing day by day. By looking at hills around the hiking route, a tentative decision has been made about buying a whole Hillside for future organization premises owned by D2ians.

Mike and Rudra enjoy fresh tea at Lubu
01 Mike and Rudra enjoy fresh tea at Lubu
Team pose during breakfast at Lubu
02 Team pose during breakfast at Lubu
Hiking eager beavers
03 Hiking eager beavers
Climbing from Lubu
05 Climbing from Lubu
06 Himal
Moving about
07 Moving about
Shreeya strolling on ...
08 Shreeya strolling on …
Ananta explains while KP and HK look on
09 Ananta explains while KP and HK look on
Charging station for laptops
10 Charging station for laptops
First boy in class gets the CTO shake
11 First boy in class gets the CTO shake
Mike handing out notebooks
12 Mike handing out notebooks
One laptop per child
13 One laptop per child
Instructions in Nepali
14 Instructions in Nepali
Mina Thing with her laptop
15 Mina Thing with her laptop
Mike handing out pencils to Nursery students
16 Mike handing out pencils to Nursery students
Million dollar smile of little miss Moktan
17 Million dollar smile of little miss Moktan
This is just too cute
18 This is just too cute
Ladies adorn the cherry blossom
19 Ladies adorn the cherry blossom
Mike wanted a picture before the shirt went off ...
20 Mike wanted a picture before the shirt went off …
Depth of field ...
21 Depth of field …
Depth of field II ...
23 Depth of field II …
Jit Bahadur with his swagger
24 Jit Bahadur with his swagger
Prajwal trudges along the stream ...
25 Prajwal trudges along the stream …
Crib ...
27 Crib …
Look at the hairstyle - front view - Beats Gajini by a mile
28 Look at the hairstyle – front view – Beats Gajini by a mile
Look at the hairstyle - side view
29 Look at the hairstyle – side view
The world awaits ...
30 The world awaits …
Village community planning
31 Village community planning
Delimeted fields ...
32 Delimeted fields …

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