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184. Love Shines at Sarangkot.
Photo By:Shutterbug
Korean couple posing patiently for Sunrise at Sarangkot, Pokhara so that they can have their romantic portraits at the very moment of dawn.

And for me it was so moving to know their desire to come all the way from Korea to Nepal, Sarangkot for such a special portrait of their life. Good Gosh! I wish I could do something like that to my ‘dear one’ 😉 Anyway, I am a photographer and I’ve captured those fleeting moments in my camera to share with you all. Later I came to know that this Korean couple is getting married next month back there in their home country, Korea.

0 thoughts on “04-16-2008

  1. Full information is missing from above Picture. Title of this pictue is:”Love Shines at Sarangkot”. Photo by: Shutterbug 😉

    Bishwa! Background sky is from Sarangkot, Pokhara not Kathmandu.

  2. ahh… this is great… how did i miss this before?

    ani is that the sky above ktm valley in the background? i wish we had a bit clearer sky 😥 🙁

  3. DreamSky! Yea ‘Tower of Love’ would be another nice title for this picture. I bet, you too can do such stunts for your LOVE.

    Ani Vishnu dai! Yo ‘Khamjahamida’ bhane ko chai k ho ni? Wah! Wah! Bhane ko hola 😉 I know you are a very romantic person and this picture must have taken you back to those old days, when you were head-over-heels in love with Bhauju. Excuse me if I am getting little personal here.

    Suyesh! Many thank you for your compliment. Took this shot using Nikon Coolpix 5400 camera in Manual Mood. And you know what! I took permission before taking their pictures because this Korean couple was there with their own photographer. And this is against photographer’s ethic to shoot pictures sealing other Photographer’s setting.

    One should always seek consent before taking pictures where professional photographers are doing their job. I have seen people pointing their Mobile phones in front of Photographers spoiling his/her great shots. Especially in weddings ceremonies and as a photographer this experience is so annoying because Professional Photographers are there to take pictures that holds huge value for bride and groom. Pictures taken by mobile phones are for fun and hardly compete in quality taken by the professionals.

  4. 😯 I can’t keep my eyes off of this picture. Its perfect. Technically, lights, angel, and the “object” ofcourse. Nice Shot!!

  5. Tower of love 😛

    Bet, almost everyone who lands on this page will think once “Gosh! I wish I could do the same!”

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