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Love me Tender

353. Love me Tender
Photo By: Shutterbug
Posted Date: 23rd April 2009


Pigeons are peaceful bird and at times so romantic. They are monogamous, as mated pairs typically breed in successive seasons throughout their lives. A majority of the pairs will try to bring up about four to five broods every year.

A Keeping pigeon is ancient hobby cherish by many dwellers of Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur and many other old urban cities of Nepal. Took this picture one evening at my home and these are my pigeons.

22 thoughts on “Love me Tender

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  4. Thank you Charis Palmer for the compliment. I will be posting new ‘photo blog’ on these beautiful pigeon shortly here in Everest Uncensored. Keep surfing.

  5. Dear Sangharsha! Thank you for the compliment and it’s good to see you promoting EU commenting culture.

    Regarding your question ‘why this picture fits in LIN and why ‘On the Go’ doesn’t’, I think it would have been better had this question been raised back then since I would have explained the issue in greater length why I made that suggestion to LIN Editor on that very post dated 30th January 2009.

    Anyway, I am obligated to answer your question and it’s also like agreeing 101% with Lenscape because ‘On the Go’ is a good shot, but I assume the description is no way near to “LIN” guidelines. Picture doesn’t speak about Nepal however it is one good picture you have from your panning experiment. And ‘Love me Tender’ however got misleading title but it has something to speak about Nepalese people and this ancient hobby of pigeon keeping here in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur.

    Well you might have different approach on ‘On the Go’ post and my judgment may be incorrect. So, feel free to raise your question anytime without any hesitation.

  6. Nice shot Shutterbug.
    Looks artistic and the composition is beautiful.

    about LIN and its contents, referring to this shot, i agree (101%) with Lenscape.
    I remember Shutterbug suggesting LIN editors to monitor the posts to make sure they stick to LIN guidelines in one of my LIN posts On the Go.
    No offense Shutterbug but I see no reason why this shot fits and mine doesn’t.

  7. Superb comment! Lenscape and guess what, your comment is certainly not Monotonous but rather a great opportunity for LIN Team and EU Admin to improve the quality of EU blog. The keen observation that you’ve made of LIN and its trade-off between picture and text is really appreciable. Your comment also made me realize the flaws I made there in my photo caption and description. Thank you for being such an eye opener. I will keep this in my mind and will do my best to improve my photo text in coming days.

    We are all THANKFUL, LIN Team, Contributors, Commentators and Visitors. Being an optimistic Shutterbug, I see no reason to take your good comment as an offense. You have raised some vital questions of LIN and definitely they deserve urgent consideration. Your proposal regarding title of this series and misleading theme should be well defined for sure. As a contributor, commentator and one of LIN Team members, I have also felt this need many times.

    This is true, still commenting with integrity here in EU is a far-cry culture but lets us be hopeful. LIN has so much to improve and lot to prove. Please keep COMMENTING and help LIN to grow better platform. We really don’t want a decent visitor and great commentator like your drift away from this EVEREST UNCENSORED.

  8. No Comments on the technical aspects. You click well, and the result is marvelous!! As always thumbs up for the Photography.

    I am not much inclined to visit EU these days (it may not be important) because of the commenting culture (comments lacking integrity) and especially LIN, because I guess it is misinterpreted by both “LIN Team” and “Contributors”. These days, the description is not matching with the pictures. Many a times the Pictures are marvelous, but the description is no way near to “LIN”. May be the Title is misleading. May be “Life in Nepal” can be redefined to “Captures from Nepal” or “Reflections from Nepal” or the like. What I feel is that LIN team does not bother to check up with the “trade off threshold” between the Picture and the Corresponding Description. It seems to me that LIN Team is just receiving pictures and posting it. This is just my assumption, and this may be a false conclusion from my side (hopefully), seeing the trend. Or maybe we need to look for bigger boundaries (with a well defined dimension – a new Title line may be) to accommodate more pictures that represents Nepal. A lot of May be… in my comment because I am just another rare visitor of EU.

    Shutterbug, now coming to this picture, I also find the description limited (and very light). Not matching with the classic picture (yes it is!!)
    The theme as mentioned in the LIN guidelines sections:
    Nature (flora, fauna and landscape that particularly speaks about Nepal) :
    The picture is not speaking LIN and the description is trying (though very limited) to support this marvelous picture. What I think is that, I should have some hint by seeing the picture and caption. Or giving second chance, after I read the description and then look again into the picture, I should be able to correlate. But for me, I do not find the correlation. Sorry, no way near, I can draw a parallel between the caption, picture and description.

    Going into greater detail, I will say (though am not a judge here) this picture will (and should) lack points if ever submitted for EU Picture of the Month in these areas:
    Subject: Clarity of the subject, importance of the subject, story expressed by the photograph.
    Overall impact: Impact of photograph, caption and description to the public.
    Last but not the least if this is only “photography series”, then redefine the contents and description of the LIN section (hope this is not only photography here).

    No offenses please Shutterbug!! I am a very new entry to EU visitors list, but the reason I am pointing to these details is that because of the above mentioned reasons we should not find a drift in the visitors away from the blog. I remember Mr Rudra Pandey saying somewhere in this blog, boosting the EU team to make this the best blog from and of Nepal. I don’t see the team is heading toward this direction. Had a lot of comments to make in other LIN Pictures as well, but many times same problem persists. Why repeat the same thing that is stated in the LIN guidelines, and why bother to comment on the mistakes LIN team is overlooking.

    A(delete) Keeping pigeon is an ancient hobby cherished by many dwellers of Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur and many other old urban cities of Nepal. (This may seem specific, just an observation :-))

    A big sorry, if this comment is Monotonous (as many above are saying something similar).

  9. kuro ra kulo jata lage pani huncha. Life in Nepal!!! how you explain it. This picture is a great shot. I love it. But I believe this do not fit in LIN title just because of what mentioned in description. if this photo belongs to some other section like animals, birds, love etc it would be very great. khoi k k mile na LIN ma chai.

  10. Dear Toyudai, let’s not take the definition of “LIFE IN NEPAL” literally as only visual reflection of NEPAL. And including detail visual reflection within a frame as you expect is not always mean “LIFE IN NEPAL”. You know what sometime it is impossible to show all the detail of our rich diverse cultural and natural assets within in one single frame. But by making one good composed picture with authentic photo text could help us to show more about ‘Life in Nepal’. I think ‘Life in Nepal’ is also about good ‘photography’ how you reflect its theme ‘Life in Nepal’.

    I disagree with your opinion that PIGEONS are not part of Nepalese social culture. There are thousand of Nepalese people who keep pigeons at home and fly them as one of their cherished hobby since Rana’s era and these days there are hundreds of pigeon keepers in Nepal revamping this ancient sport of pigeon flying.

    And it must be your less knowledge about pigeons what make you say, this pair of pigeons in the picture is like other common pigeon that you see everywhere and is just a plain picture.

    By the way, Toyudai, I thank you for your honest comment.

  11. Well Toyudai, there lies the difference between us. You see just a bunch of birds, good 4u. I think a LIN post is the combination of the description n the pic. For me once I read the description it all fell into place. Worked for me, 🙂

  12. Well some visitor if its so then why isn’t the picture reflect anything about Kathmandu or Nepal. As you said if it would have been pigeons in temple of roof of KTM I’ld not have said that. These sort of pigeons are everywhere, and the picture has nothing to do with life in nepal. Neither it reflects nepalese culture here except for the author’s description nor it has enough details to support life in nepal. This is just a picture of bird nothing much.

  13. Samir and Lucida, Thank you for the compliment.

    Well Lucida, these are my bird and I can be with them whenever I get some leisure. And I have a good collection of pigeon’s pictures. Besides, I am also involved with Pigeon Flying Sport here in Nepal since 2000. Many of you may not know that I am one of the fonder members of Nepal Pigeon Keeper’s Association and was ‘Chief Judge’ of the National Pigeon Flying Tournament 2008. I tell you what; tomorrow (25 April 2009) is the first day of 10th National Pigeon Flying Tournament 2009. Feel free to call me if anyone if you are interested to witness this interesting sport of Pigeon Flying.

    Dear Shekhar, check NPKA webpage for some of other pigeons pictures and if you need more do contact me.

  14. Nice catch Shutterbug. I’m a follower of minimalism in Photography and this shot exactly fits with my taste. Beautiful light and high contrast has given this picture an eye catching looks.
    I also used to go central Zoo to catch this type of emotion of Love birds there. I think life in Nepal also include life and emotion of these beautiful creatures. Their world is very different filled with emotion , love and tenderness. There is more to explore and to learn from these beautiful creatures..
    Keep it up..

  15. Read the decription Toyudai. We see pigeons almost everyday around our homes and roofs in Kathmandu. They are a part of the charm of this place. People welcome them into their homes and feed them. How can you say they don’t fit into this theme?

  16. Dear Shutterbug,

    WoW !!! Very Sharp & Detailed Shot of the Pigeons.

    Gr8…Patience (I must appreciate
    Gr8…Shot !!! ThankX for Sharing.

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