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Lost in Australia

Yesterday, after a hectic schedule of everyday job since last three weeks, I decided to take a breakthrough by offering Nabaraj to do my shift and take some rest. I began pondering what to do next.. Suddenly, I realised that i had not been in any signs of contact with my sister and brother in law for almost a month. So I packed up, covered myself with my best clothes and headed off to catch the first bus to Modbury.(Modbury is a suburb in South Australia, I,the writer am living in Nailsworth, SA). After a hour bus ride, I reached the door and pressed the bell. I usually used to call them before i went there but this time i planned for a surprise visit. Lucky I, they were shocked to see me at the door and my plan fully worked.

Later in the evening I went to the Adelaide airport with my brother in law to pick up his friend’s family who were coming from Sydney. They joined us as soon as they arrived and we headed towards my sister’s house. After watching Maha jodi recorded clips and having a really delicious dinner, the conversation started. The conversation geared up as we started talking about the nepali youths coming to Australia for studies. The visitors told us that recently a local newspaper in Sydney published a news about 6 nepali ladies having their first sleep in Australia in a public park.
A few months back there was a rumour in Adelaide that 19 of the nepalese youths who came to Australia in Sydney, returned back as they could not live upto their expectations. I had taken it as a joke but to my surprise it was actually true and to tell you the truth the number was in the range of 30ties.

In my opinion, Australia as a whole has lost its charm of attracting new students for the sake of better studies, better career prospects and finally PR (Permanent Residency).The quality of study over here is too poor. I, being a Masters student over here, have my course syllabus of such a low level  that my year 12 classes were much more standard than these. There is no scope of Engineers, doctors, managers at all. I have completed my Bachelors in Engineering, and am a Masters in Engineering student and till today I am locked with low level hotel jobs. Not only me, more than 90% student studying the same course with me are attached with taxi driving, security,aged care and restaurant jobs. The remaining 10% are jobless or are not planning to work at all.   

The most eye catching feature of Australia ie scope of PR can be side lined now.The PR rules are getting too harder and its almost impossible for a new student to grab one.Every year the rules gets tighter and they are keeping us in risk each and every time. Just released new PR rules states that, you need atleast 7 band in Ielts to be on safe side. Anything less than 7  requires two years work experience in your field.Dont be relaxed by your score, this is not the band that you score in Nepal before coming, its in the one that you need to give just before you apply for PR.And be prepared your speaking and writing test are examined by Australians.

Yeah I really work in a hotel job as commented by one of the bloggers, but what I have written here reflects the truth. Atleast you guys are nepalese so whatever you think its my responsibility to aware you of the current scenario in Australia which is currently the dream place for many nepali students. You guys spent 7-10 lakhs nepali rupees coming here and I bet that you will never ever gain it over here except few lucky ones. Many guys even cry for their parents for the next semester fees from Nepal except the one brought in the beginning. The time, the money, and atmosphere in Nepal always remains cherished when you turn from a human to a machine over here. No job, no money and always having a dollar chips and 80 cents soft drink may remind you of your daal bhat and kukhurako masu you had by quarreling with your wife or mother, but what to do. You left your country for your pleasure, money,comfort and bright future and now you regret taking it as one of the biggest mistake of your life.

So just relax, you are still not late. You havent applied for your visa yet.Circulate this to your friends who are planning to come to Australia for bright future and Australian Permanent residency and save their life before it ruins to hell. Give them a chance for second thought. If still they persist in coming, and do come then I pray for god and wish them to be one of the lucky ones. 

31 thoughts on “Lost in Australia

  1. Yes, I agree because I also a person who return back from australia within 15 days. I saw there is very diffrent situation then we think in Nepal. A number of students are looking for the job that I have seen there.

  2. ell sontosh!
    Its ur personal feelings and I guess many of us thinking the same.But we are left with no option. Have to do any things to meet our both ends. some may aurge that we are learning something and these find some value in long life …but as we are on the crucial stage of our life and this time must be utilzed on building our carrier and updating our knowledge to the changing technology not on learning unrelated things.
    lets hope the best Sontosh. I wish u to be called soon as
    Senior Engineer Sontosh
    Electronic and Computing Department
    Nepal Telcom Pvt Ltd.
    Consultant Engineer : Telstra Commun.Pvt Ltd
    Adelaide S.A.
    Happy Sontosh!


  3. fact is that no one likes to work as a janitor, dishwasher, khalasi etc etc. I dont think any one has a goal of becoming a janitor or a dishwasher. It just happens… for many expected and unexpected reasons… but i think the writer is really trying to express his personal feelings about how different things can happen than what people had expected before boarding a plane. If someone is really there to study and the education that he/she is receiving is nothing better than Nepal then it becomes frustrating. After all its not all golds and silvers in Australia as some might expect. I dont know the writer but I think Mr. Deepak should not look down on Santosh just because he is concerned about other students who are dreaming about going to Australia.

  4. Dear Santosh,

    Good article on the current situation. But on the bright side, who were not engineers back home and no hope making a better living there can improve their situation by working hard and studying. Some people have really done well in Adelaide like Binita, Nita, Paras, Chhabi, Dipak, Bhuwan and more.

    While we consider working in a hotels and restaurants is menial and low standard but australians cherish their work whatever they do and we must learn from them to respect whatever one (we) do.
    Moreover, I did not realise you were so uncomfortable, you always seemed to be chherful and helpful to others finding jobs, helping with their papers and applications. I expected better spin of you.

  5. well i know the writer personaally
    n to my opinioin itrs true.
    i hav e my sister n my bro in law(both have done master in engg) at sydney. recently my cousin bro is also there.
    i have been wishing them that all gonna be fine n looking for days when i would b e able to say u didi it guys.

  6. I completely DISAGREE with the blogger and some of the commnets. who says its easy anywhere in the world? i u have good skills and know them how to use them and know them how to proceed forward ofcourse u can make good money. there is no point in saying this and that negative. instead of wasting the time blogging, better do something and improve the chances of opportunities. just think that we are not in iraq, gaza, afganistan…people still are living there….australia must be many times better off! for gods sake people do not treat that stupid lady from interface as a god..she wants u believe everything she says. come to australia but don be fooled by that lady who sends eberydoby to stupid holmes college. what a farse!

  7. Student of Holmes college has really told the truth about Australia. You can eye Aus in both views: both optimistic and pessimistic compared to nepal

  8. I’m currently at Sydney, studying at Holmes college, York street. I am somewhat agree with the writer views. Day by day life is getting harder as the immigration trying to be more sensitive in this field. It’s very tough to get jobs here. I have few friends who are still jobless for 3month, even their TC is going to finished. Look Australia is not bed of roses, don’t think that you’ll earn lot’s of money and thinking of sending some to your family..that’s folly…might be in your dream mate. Don’t even think of working more than 20 hours in a week, lucky if you got one. If the immigration found out, you’ll be deported back to Nepal and rest will be history.

    If you want to come to Australia, please for god sake change ur attitude, specially nepali boys. Teachers of Holmes college are saying ” Nepali boys they are rude, they don’t have manner, discipline”. These DOGS are spoiling the image of Nepalese, it’ll create barriers for future nepali students who are willing to apply here. Breaking the tap, speaking bad words inside the class room, turning their mobile on with funny ringtones, cheating during exam even though question was out. It’s hard to digest truth. I’m just being fair to you all.

    My earning tally

    Income per week $220

    weekly travel $24 / week
    rent $80/ week (sharing with my friends)
    Food $50/ week ( it’s minimum)

    Saving = $66/week ( maximum saving, minimum could be below 40)

    Next year i must pay Aus$ 9000 to my college, so i’m hopeful that my family will send me some.

    let’s be optimistic, Australia is far more better then Nepal, there are lot’s of opportunities here but please don’t apply for Holmes College you’ll regret it later. At beginning don’t expect to earn more then Aud$300.

    Lastly , lets have great community of Nepalese here, free of jealousy, envy, kindness with each other, these are the basis phenomena to built network among each other, in that case finding job will be easy. Another fact if you are thinking how could networking help to contribute you for finding jobs here. At Australia about 30% jobs are only published at newspaper, online, rest 70% are called hidden jobs , these are only meet through networking. There is no majority within Nepalese people here, so don’t expect that they’ll share information with you. Some of them will bombard you with negative thoughts at the beginning. Try to stay focus with your objective and goals, filter all the words.

  9. Well, I don’t think its that bad in Australia. True, life is becoming harder but I think its far far better off than in Nepal where you just can’t plan your daily schedule let alone life. There might be some lucky ones in nepal making good money but in general I think nepal has so little to offer where as in Australia there is something for everybody (well almost). think positive. i am sure even if u go to nepal u will start to feel that “aus was not that bad”.

  10. as asked by supriya, i am a nepali and i have plans of returning back. Here we are like “nakhaun ta din bhari ko sikar,khaun ta kancha bau ko anuhaar”. the main problem is that ” How can i return back without paying so much money that i burrowed from others while i came over here”. If god was generous to me and if i get the money i spent before coming here then i am willing to return right now. ke garne natra nima rumba ko ahile ko geet ” afnai desh pyaro” he hamro aankhan ma pani aansu liyera aauncha

  11. The article is just about the writer’s personal view. His article tries to spread lesson for those Neplese in Nepal who is just thinking to land in Aus or US or UK once and rest of the life moves smooth i.e financially, socially etc. This article carries some sort of reality that life is not easy wherever you go, most important part of life is to make yourself satisfied and compromise in every situation. Santosh donot frustrate, “Every dog has a day”. Good days come to you also.

  12. The author of this blog is a LOSER – pure and simple. Rather than blaming his own laziness and lack of motivation as reasons behind his failures so far, this loser seems to find fault in everything else around him beside himself. Did you seriously think that just by going to another country you will be rich beyond your dreams and that you will reach the zenith of your career? Or that you will have all those that you didn’t have in Nepal, as if by some magic or better perhaps winning a lottery. Mate, if ever there was such a country then I would have been there in a flash. And for that matter every other people I know would be there.

    And what of working in a hotel? Rather than being grateful that that job is sustaining your stay there in Australia, you seem to think that the job is inferior to you. What a farce and a hypocrite! No one is bloody forcing you to do the job that you are doing. You are doing the job of your own accord, you hypocrite! If you don’t like the job, don’t do it!

    And what of asking others to not come to Australia, you hypocrite, while you are staying there yourself. If you think it is “the biggest mistake in your life” then return to Nepal this very instance like the other 30 guys did. What a total farce?

    Comparing an Australian Masters degree to that of Year 12 … I mean come on. So in your opinion businesses should just hire a Year 12 graduate from Nepal to that of an Australian Masters degree? What a total idiocy!

    I am amazed that some readers find this article helpful. There is nothing in this article which is helpful to other Nepalese. Comapared to the present situation in Nepal – Australia, UK and the US – by far provide the greatest and more opportunities for motivated individuals in almost all areas. The evidence speaks for itself. US, UK and Australia to name a few have one of the most robust, richest, diverse and resilient economies in the world. If you work hard, stay determined then the rewards and opportunities are there. This is true not only for Australia or the US but also every other country I know. Hard work eventually pays.

    For starters please stop having this romatic idea that just by being in Australia you will have your dream job landed in your lap and that you will be successful beyond your wildest dreams. Secondly, stop that griping and complaining that the gods of luck has dealt you a poor hand. It’s more of perseverance, sheer determination, committment and good old hard work towards your goal. Thirdly, please stop spreading your ill will and pessimistic views towards other fellow Nepalese. You are doing a great disservice with your writings and your arrogant attitude.

  13. Hi suntoast..you seem to be leading a rather frustrating and pathetic life in Australia. Are you a Nepali and if you are, have u thought of returning back?

  14. Ok Poor guy.. Well my parents are not rich..They had to borrow some money from somewhere..

    If your parents can send you in the first place then they will try to help you out again.. Taking more loans, borrow from bank, from feiends or anything..

    Its not just in Australai or anywhere.. Say you live away from your home in Nepal.. Say any other cites apart from your home town without anyone’s help.. It will be exactly the same situation.. You try to survive alone.. Pay uni fees by yourself.. look for job, pay bills, cook yourself.. Its just the amount of dollar is more compared to Nepali rupees..

    Well just my honest opinion.. Thata all..

  15. Nepali Kanchi wrote
    “I understand the uni fees for international student is too expensive..We might need to ask our parents for help in the beginning too.. ”

    I wish I had rich parents like yours..

  16. 😐
    I somehow agree with the writer but not totally.. For those people who think that abroad is like a bed of roses then they are totally wrong..I thought the same. I thought It was easy too..There is no such money tree in AUSTRALIA or anywhere in the world where you pluck money from.. Almost 95% of us rely on our parents for pocket money and everything in Nepal. We don’t work..Cleaning jobs, hotel jobs, and any other normal jobs considered low standard jobs in Nepal and we hesitate to do. But for people who are ready to take a chance and keep on trying their best then Australia is a land of opportunity. Another name of life is Struggle.. Its just my personal opinion.

    Its tough in the beginning.. New place, new culture,we cannot even communicate properly.. I understand the uni fees for international student is too expensive..We might need to ask our parents for help in the beginning too.. Its Just really really tough for the first few years… But if we keep on trying our best then we can Survive.. And the outcome of that will be fruitful too.. It just takes time..

  17. Very pragmatic article. We should have more of these. While I do not know the author personally and have never been to Aus, I, like almost everyone else, know of several near and dear ones who have gone down under and faced or are facing similar predicaments. I think this should not discourage those who aspire to it but at least help them to discard unrealistic expectations and go in with eyes wide open.

    Kudos to suntoast and good luck.

  18. since i happen to know the author personally and even happen to know the people he is refering to in the article, it made me cringe in my seat to read all that shit that’s happening to my friends. i think i made a wise last moment choice by not going to USA, although i had the VISA as well as the air ticket. at least i don’t regret it so far. 🙂

    as for Australian_Nepali, who the hell are you man? your statement “Try to get good job in nepal……can you get one ????” is really misleading. in my experience, there is a greater likelihood of getting a better job in nepal than in australia. by better job, i mean a job related to your field of specialization. but blame it on the national economy if you will, the australian dollar is worth so much more than nepali rupee. so why not clean toilets in australia and make more money than make money doing the same job in nepal? am i not right? you must understand that there are more factors that determine the quality of job than mere pay check.

  19. Dear Australian_Nepali
    You get more job ads in Kantipur than in Careerone.com or seek.com of Australia. “Atleast you can get cleaning jobs in Australia” This sentence of yours has no point at all. You get more hotel jobs in Nepal than over here but can you work for them, can you work as a cleaner in Nepal?If you can, then come to my shop in kathmandu, I will give you the chance directly without knowing who you are because i havent found anyone since last 2 months to clean my toilet. Can anyone give you offer like that in Australia?

  20. Really good article? I appreciate your views and thank for your suggestions. I am planning to switch to US now.

  21. Australian_nepali Says:
    “………………Try to get good job in nepal……can you get one ????dear engineers no right soooo at least you can find cleaning jobs in australia”

    – Not true. I happen to know suntoast personally, and I’m pretty sure that he would have got a pretty good job, had he stayed in Nepal. In fact, before left for Aus, he was making good money and was working on a respectable position. The only reason he left for Aus was for studies.
    And not only him, a lot of engineers(and probably people from other professions) are doing very good in Nepal, and most only leave for the sake of studies.
    So, Mr. Australian_nepali, if you couldn’t find job in Nepal, dont think that everyone would be the same and please try to be a bit polite from next time on.

  22. One of brother has already applied for visa..aba ta aune bela ni bhai sakyo..nothing we can do now 🙁 except wishing a very goodluck.

  23. Suncoast – well written. This is reality and this good lesson for many spoiled kids from Nepal. They mostly come here as they hesitate working odd jobs in Nepal. They get lesson here. Its good for them that they learn to respect work.

  24. this is bullshit article you have written which makes no sense.
    in AUSTRALIA just like NEPAl you have to look hard for jobs to get JOBS.Try to get good job in nepal……can you get one ????dear engineers no right soooo at least you can find cleaning jobs in australia

  25. May all the youths be aware by reading this article and struggle hard in their own country where there are at least their family, friends and relatives to support them, love them and care for them.

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