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Losing our Loved Ones

It’s happening to loved ones around us everyday. Every other day we have to face some tragic news about our loved ones.

A funeral for a friend is one of life’s most hurtful moments. God himself is the one who gives us life and he himself takes away our life.

I am not able to express out here but still I want to give condolence to my beloved friend Dina who died in a road accident. The moment I heard the news about Dina, I was shivering. My friend called me and told that Dina met with an accident and she is dead. Now she is no more with us. I was completely blank and speechless. All I saw was Dina’s face. Tears fell down my cheeks. My friend said that while riding to college from her home, a friend to picked up Dina at Koteshwor and, unfortunately, a truck hit their scooter. Dina died on the spot and the other person’s state is still very critical. I heard my Dina’s face was not even recognizable.

Hearing such news, Dina’s mother is also hospitalized. I am not able to think the state her family is going on. Giving sympathy is also not easy even for us but we have to take out some courage and give sympathy to her family.

The day I lost my friend was the saddest day in my life. I never thought such day would ever come in my life. But now I have to face the reality. Truth is always bitter. Now I can only do is pray for her soul and her family. I pray for god to give courage to her family and may her soul rest in peace. You will be missed, DINA.

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