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Long way to Education

361. Long way to Education
Photo By: Manoj Rokka
Post Date: 8th May, 2009

Description: Capture on a way to namobuddha from vhakundebesi. Boy on a picture was going to school, he have to walk more then an hour to get to his school but the boy was with full of energy may he got this energy from his desire to became an educated man to serve his family and this country or to became political leader and repeat same old story or may to became ideal leader to lead this country not his party or may to leave this country and become foreigner or may………

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  1. @lenscapeji:
    May be what u said is true (but SLRs and DSLRs are not always the only basis for wow factor), and if you read my comment above, I already said – Its not mandatory though!!

  2. Lenscape ji wow factor is to be bought by SLRs and DSLRs not the simple Digital cameras.

  3. For me the WOW factor is missing in the picture (and its not mandatory though), but yes, my thumbs up for the issue u raised through this picture. It really depicts “Life in Nepal”.

    Keep posting…

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