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Local Potatoes

Local Potatoes
225. Local Potatoes
Photo By: Shamesh Joshi
Posted Date: 30th June 2008

Morning, narrow alleyways, and people with mission. Ason reflects the modern and ancient lifestyle of Kathmandu. Streets full of local items and daily use goods. From jeans pants to electric equipments, from metal utilities to raw vegetables. This picture was one of the marvel taken on the side ways of Ason.

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LIN Editor.

95 thoughts on “Local Potatoes

  1. Very interesting topic , appreciate it for posting . “The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.” by Herbert Spencer.

  2. Hehe actually my picture was portrait in shape so to make it compatible with front of the EU. I cropped it. I wish i had at least provided full photo to LIN 🙂
    But never mind. we learn by our mistakes. Thanks every body for the valuable suggestions. From next time, definitely i will try to justify my work.


  3. Nice one, especially the Recipe is really interesting, thanks for the info abt International Year of Potato-2008.
    Well, the picture has been cropped by Shamesh himself, and he might have different perception and reason behind framing this vegetable vendor. However, it would have been better option if he had framed potatoes instead. It is a learning experience for many of us, unlike professional person like Shutterbug; we do have opportunities for improvement. Also thanks for constructive comment of Shutterbug.

    LIN Editor

  4. Dear Shamesh! Is that you who did cropping of this pictures or LIN Team?

    If it’s you then you need to improve your cropping skill. I have checked the link and couldn’t stay quiet without expressing my dissatisfaction of how injustice you did to your picture. Just check the sharpness and the color tone of the picture which you have posted in flickr. Moreover the original picture is perfect and everything within the frame support main theme of your picture then again why this aimless cropping?

    And if it is LIN Team who did cropping to this picture to fit in for ‘Life in Nepal’, I would like to put forward my biggest objection. 😈 Only photographers are allowed to crop their masterpiece such a way.

  5. Oh, and add some soya sauce and sesame oil if u want that chinese taste in those nepali potatoes. 🙂

  6. Here’s a potato recipe that most’ll love:

    Potato: Small sized, as seen in the picture

    – Wash the potatoes and fry them in butter (or oil) till dark brown. (Fry them whole, not cut into pieces)
    – Add some chopped spring-onions, garlic and green chillies
    – Add some salt and stir till the garlic goes light brown
    – Serve hot after splashing some honey over the potatoes
    – Yummy!

  7. Ya, “daura suruwal” and “dhaka topi” of vegetable vendor and those chinese trousers and slippers behind – blend of ancient and modern lifestyle.
    It would have been better if view had included those infamous narrow ‘alleys of Ason’ in background.

  8. Liveliness of Ason never fails to amaze eyes of photographers. Especially in early hours, when dwellers get into hustle and bustle of narrow streets to buy their daily commodities. And Shamesh’s picture above shows a glimpse of it. Nepali topi of vegetable vendor who is also wearing typical dress gave an idea of native life-style. Moreover he is totally occupied in his selling and unaware of being photographed. And Shamesh took the right decision going for a high angle to take this picture.

    The wonderful essence about street photography is ‘serendipity’ and one of the great things about a busy bazaar like Ason is that countless things are happening, even within such a narrow ways, and at any moment any interesting drama could unfold. Photography allows us to freeze one of those moments and cherish such small dramas that were taking place.

    This picture has been cropped in a disproportional way which dampened the feel of a PICTURE. Going for a littler wider view could let viewers see more detail as mentioned in the description.

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