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0 thoughts on “Load-shedding

  1. the picture is really perfect. However, it would have been nice if some human figure has been captured in the background.

    Best of luck for winning the show

    Prakash Amatya

  2. Milan dai, make understand ‘shutterbug’ and people with same concept that a picture words thosands words………………BEST OF LUCK ……win hai 🙂

  3. Nice picture for sure but I feel description doesn’t justify the picture, as it says; ‘This is how people are spending their evenings and nights with never ending load-shedding schedule’. I think it would be much better if picture speak this fact itself not the description. It seems to me that, this is Milan’s intended setting for a creative shot, a not real situation.

  4. and a candle like this costs 20 rs…that’s a pathetic way to spend money 🙁

    anyways … its a very good shot!

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