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Living Dinosaur

Living Dinosaur
296. Living Dinosaur
Photo By: Ashish Parajuli
Posted Date: 12th November

Looks fearful but ironically it should be the one fearing us. This magnificent beast, known as Marsh Mugger crocodile-मगर गोही, surviving from the era of the dinosaurs may not survive this decade. Because of increasing habitat loss, water pollution and over fishing this crocodile along with others are on the brink of extinction.We as human beings have the power and capability to save this living dinosaur. Let this reptile survive even the human era.

This photo was taken on 9th Dec 2007 at the Rapti river near Shaurah, Chitwan National Park.

6 thoughts on “Living Dinosaur

  1. Thanks for the nice comment. This is my first post at LIN.
    “Subject should enter the frame”, I will keep this in mind from now on.

  2. Lucky catch! Ashish.

    Not everybody is lucky enough to sight these beasts because of its habitat encroachment. Nepal is so rich in biodiversity and it is home to many rare species, cultural heritage and spectacular landscape. Let’s preserve it for next generation. I think this message would be a better description for this picture.

    Ashish, you could improve the composition of this picture while you took it. If you have missed this first option somehow, you could try Photoshop to crop it later for better composition. Cropping is a handy tool of Photoshop that can be used to make an image better after the picture is taken and should be done if necessary. I know this is something that most amateur don’t consider. This picture is also slightly overexposed and using Photoshop it can be easily balanced. Doing so you could turn this picture from good shot to perfect shot.

    This picture need cropping because foreground (river water) taking much negative space. Next reason is that it always makes a nice compose when the ‘subject’ looks entering the frame not going out of the frame. Check space at the right and left of the crocodile, there should be more space at its head side.

    Keep composing!

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