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Livelihood In Await

Livelihood In Await

555. Livelihood In Await
Photo By: Niraj Thapa
Posted Date: 10th September, 2013

Photo Description:
This picture was shot in Swayambhu. An old man waits selling diyo lights as the daily hustle bustle passes him by. There are many in the valley that make a living selling paltry items on the side of the road. They scrape by a living through these items that many of us just scan through on our way to our lives. They will be there from sun up to sun down, still offering the same items week in and out, whether we choose to buy them or not.

Camera Specifications:
Camera : Canon EOS 600D
ISO Speed: 100
Exposure Time: 1/1500
F-Stop: f/1.8
Focal Length: 50mm

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  1. great job niraj thapa woow ur camera photography rocks

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