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Little Eyes Full Of Expectations


393. Little Eyes Full Of Expectations
Photo By: Photoma’s World
Posted Date: 4th August 2009

I was in Nepal last year as a volunteer to teach the underprivileged children and to support their families. An opportunity to be very close to the Nepali people.
This new ‘Daily life’ set is about those warm people. You will recognize a few images posted in the set ‘Faces of Nepal’ but this time the color version.
I didn’t change Nepal,
Nepal changed me …
Taken in a health care center from “Cross Borders” organization, hidden high in the lower mountains of Dhading. Once in a month, on Sunday, the women of the villages can consult a doctor and nurse looking to their babies … Vaccinations are given for free. They are also taught hygienic primary rules and birth control … A great initiative !!!
I enjoyed so much to be surrounded by those chattering women and lovely babies. Some have to walk an hour to reach the center …
This little guy gave me the most amazing look I ever had !!!

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  1. The child is full of diarrhea and other diseases. Unless we can give them better medicine and other facilities, it is worthless to be called a nepali. Recently hundreds and thousands of children were killed in Westsern and Far Western regions of Nepal.

  2. yea the image is distorted, What i really like is the lines…

    I didn’t change Nepal,
    Nepal changed me …

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