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The first and last question before starting this blog-entry.

1.Are u a Microsoft slave?

2.Do u wanna upgrade to a more secure environment?

3.Have u been WAKKA-DIKKA because of Pirated XP’s/Vista’s?

4.Do you want to save cost of upgrading/maintaining ur OS?

If you falls in any of above category, then Welcome to the new world of linux?

those who are already a linux-geek. Hats off to them and those who want to start a new branded life in a OS, heartily welcome.

Well! lets kick off.

Linux is a free operatng system. Yes! u heard me right. its a free operating system. Now someone of u might get confused in open source and free software. well! there’s not much difference but they r a different things, ofcourse.

Linux is a free, in a sense that its source code are free. Before that i want to portray some especialities about linux.

1.Free operating system

2.secure and more reilable

3. can be found on different flavors(distros)

[distros or distribution are the linux marketed by various companies.]

4.Fast growing OS in da world.

5.user-friendly within a 2 hours of little hard-work.

Well Well Well.

Most of us are still lingering with Microsoft Windows family because of


2from school level, we have been taught windows

3.Linux, (is that a Operating System? thought)?

4.All of our surroundings are using Windows why should i use linux? mentality (((its a kind of VEDA nature.)

Now! in the context of nepal, where the country is poor and the people are rich. here, linux might be the best option we’ve got for secure and reliable OS environment.Founded by Linus Torvalds® at the age of 21 in university of hel…. (Sorry! cannot remember the spelling properly)

to be continued…..

0 thoughts on “LINUX for DUMMIES®

  1. We use the pirated versions first, do all our tasks in it. As an individual, (especially in Nepal), we never think of acquiring a licence of the product, but yes search for a crack of it (using IE or Firefox or whatever). This is the users mentality. Do hell with free/open source, as far as a dummy is concerned.

    In this post the gossips (in the form of comment) is all done by knowledge workers. Where are the dummies? Have u ever thought of? It would have been a better post (the best you can do) if you have had compiled, from different sources, so that people will find most information related to Linux, navigating from a single page. Because if you search “Linux for Dummies”, you will find the most is list of books from Amazon saying buy in 30$….bla bla…(nothing for free for learning something which is supposed to free…the silly part of it). This is where your post should have been useful, if you had compiled something good, if u want to help the dummies.

    This topic should not be an issue of war between MS fan’s and Linux fan’s. Go to the gist of the matter.

    I will recommend the author of this post, not to be that offensive to MS OS. I guess you must have used these MSOS (pirated ones), because you are well aware of the problems (you listed it, isn’t it). So, does this means that you were MS slave then, and now you are working on your own.We should not advocate about a particular OS to dummies, by critisizing other OS. Do it independently. And by the way, are you coming with the next post to give continuity??

    And to others who are inclined towards linux, its good to use it. But what the matter is, its all guided by availability, rule of law, and users perception.

    Ahh the comment is becoming longer than the post. By the way, I have used notepad to compile my comment, browsed this post and posted my comment through Firefox, and running MS XP as the OS. Now don’t tag me with a Firefox Fan or Notepad fan. haha..
    No offenses please…

  2. dear HUGE_GNU/LINUX fan,

    Great to hear the good words from u.

    Well! actually bro, the article is not completed yet…

    and i didn’t got the time to edit the later version of BORING LINUX NOTES.

    nyway! thx for whaterver u have suggested.

    So, which distros u r associated with?

    c ya…

  3. Mr. Yogi,

    Please correct your knowledge. Linux is not an Operating System. It is just a kernel of OS. There are other open source and free components which make the whole operating system.

    Also, the word ‘free’ means ‘freedom’ to use the software. And there is a hugh difference between open source and free software. Not all free software are open source. In case of Linux, you are ‘free’ to modify the source but you might charge some $$$ for your work.

    Please visit http://www.gnu.org for the history of Linux and the operating systems using this kernel.

  4. sorry! garrulous…
    the title doesn’t meant to give such a impression.

    Actually the dummies® series are the proprietary things of John wiley and sons.
    I learnt lot from there books. so, it can be said like i have been impressed by the dummies® series. so i just gave a title. nothing less nothing more.

    And yup its incomplete. i was searching actually for the ebook. and upload it to some filehosting so all can download.

    it will take little more time.
    Sorry! for that.

    And other commentators… thx for every suggestion.

  5. thegreenyogifan,
    Sarkari school ma padhnu nai bha ho bhane ta Linux chalauna windows bhanda dherai sajilo hunchha.
    tara article chai bhaena
    u r spot on with the title.
    It is for dummies.

  6. No, i,m not microsoft slave, nor do i want to be the Linux Slave as you are. (As you’re justifying Linux…i believe you are). Also, the good products self speaks and self markets…….it does not require third person’s justification.


  7. yogi ji,
    aaba chhahi samasya paryo hai. hami ta sarkari school ma padhya manchhe bharkhar computer choyeko. linux kaha bata chalauni?

  8. 1.yes! MS-Fan,

    I’m using Mandriva 2007 spring edition. and openofffice.org for viewing it and Opcourse Firefox and epiphany browser to view this all.

    2.wtf, that was not fair dude.

    3.Great Piece, thx dude.

  9. I am so sick of this anti-microsoft write-ups! I’d be happy to know if you have used Open office to write this blog on linux based OS and FireFox to view this site.

  10. stop writingg illegible crap, if you’re going to write, put in the time and effort to write something that will not waste the reader’s time, you dumbass!!

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