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Light Offering

Light Offering

473. Light Offering
Photo By: Ashish Bhujel
Posted Date: 18th October, 2010
Location: Boudhanath Stupa

Children are so happy when you try to capture them in camera. I was trying to capture enchanting environment ‘Boudhanath Stupa’ at evening and these kids were around ‘Light Offering’ install near ‘Boudhanath Stupa’, they were helping their mother in selling light offering.

Camera specification: NIKON D90
Shutter speed:1/40 sec
Aperture: F/5.6
FL:21 mm
ISO: 800

219 thoughts on “Light Offering

  1. huhuhahaha finally found ur pic man! nice capture man! n yup……kids r always amazing to photograph!

  2. @suresh dai: thanks for suggestion I will try use WB from now onwards when every I come across this kind of situation .
    @Shutterbug I am very grateful for your comment. And thanks for suggestion ,for shooting in RAW file too. Currently I am shooting in JPEG format only cuz I am just starting to click .I will be always be looking forward for technical point of view in near future from you.

  3. Ashish‘s attempt to capture this moment in available light is appreciable. Even I prefer available light to keep authentic ambience and feel for the moment.

    Here right selection of White Balance (WB) would have made this photo more perfect in bringing true ambience and minimize the overpowering red tone. We opt for auto WB for general photography and this is a good choice but NOT ALWAYS. Especially if you shoot photos in JPG format, correct set of WB should not be ignored. So, to be on the safe side RAW format is a wise choice. RAW will give you this free will to select correct WB in computer back at home.
    Keep exploring.

  4. Just a feeling that changing WB to other would have changed the result (& satisfied Dtuladhar :D). Btw Good shot …… Enjoy your D90 and keep clicking.

  5. @dtuladhar : D90 is one heck of a camera ,and happy to be owner of D90 😀 .Ya picture seem capture more red tone ,cuz there were many ‘Light Offering’…form next time I will try to keep in mind and thanks for pointing out
    @Sushmita Di: Thanks for comment, happy to get comment form you 😀
    @Sanu, @perfect aashish: thanks for comment

  6. wow! thumbs up for ur gr8 shot!well dude this is just a starting.. U have a long way 2 go… so keep going 😀

  7. @Abhishek Dai: Thanx for commenting first 🙂
    @Pravinda Dai :Thanx and Hope to click more pics form this camera.
    @sangharsha Dai : I will be waiting for your comment and suggestion for naive like me 🙂
    @Prabhat Dai: Hope to achieve your legend 😉
    @Ravi Dai :I’ll always be looking for your mentoring. : P

  8. Good Going Ashish,

    nice and sharp shot even in 800 ISO.
    Short and clear description.
    Hope to see more from you. All the Best and keep clicking !!!

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