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You came into this world
Yet it wasn’t your choice to be unfurled
With tons of love you grew
And did you stop by to say thank you?

Your dear loved ones
Always in a run
But they always managed to spend time with you
All that time your life speed through

In school you went
You kept learning as you grew
Studying and studying was your job
It was meant so you didn’t become a slob

College came in no time
You learned the importance of a dime

Finally came the time to finish
Your growing finally started to diminish

You fell in love
Shared a house with your beloved
The joy you felt
Now it was gone because the candle started to melt

Then came your greatest troubles
You started to blow bubbles
Then you understood how hard
Why your parents were such guards

That money they valued so much
You weren’t even allowed to touch
‘Understand you will’ they said
It finally sprung in your head

Now it was time you grew old
And you began to fold
Your loved ones at your side
Those wrinkles you couldn’t hide

The time came where you had to go
Maybe with tears or a smile who knows?
Does anyone care that you’re gone
You believe all they did was yawn

O, you knew you had to go it wasn’t your choice
How dare you try to oppose
Values changed, for now you have a new life
Then you started to stop your grief.

93 thoughts on “Life

  1. so why do you think that life is about hiding wrinkles and sleeping a lot, furthermore, the poem does not makes sense when you say “Yet it wasn’t your choice to be unfurled” what are u try to say

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