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Life in Nepal

363. Life in Nepal
Photo By: Samir Pradhananga
Posted Date: 12th May 2009

Life in Nepal is pretty tough for such category of people that we see in this picture. I took this picture on the Bridge of Bhote Koshee River. The old man who was carrying 100 kgs. of rice grains on his shoulder was full of sweat. It was really heartbreaking to see his wrinkled face, two legs which were full of cuts and wounds (can be seen on his legs). Still, the man was smiling when my Gun (CAMERA) was pointing at him.

12 thoughts on “Life in Nepal

  1. Fully Faltu picture for me because I could not take such picture. I leave upon our viewers to understand what i mean to say heheheh :P)

  2. @ DreamSky, WoW !!! What a creative & crafty story. Thank you so much for you effort. Villagers are not restricted during the time of Bungee. Infact, a huge area is occupied by the Last Resort (host & owner of) the Bungee where no people are allowed to enter without the Tickets. And way to the Bungee is different one as we cross the Votekoshee River. The Non Bungee users use the another way.
    Anyways, heartily thanks to all of you guys for your valuable comments. Keep it up. 🙂

  3. Samir, its nice to know that you talked to him… and this picture was not just the result of you pointing your camera at him and him waiting to exchange some words with you…

    I’ve seen photographers who have no concern “at all” for the people they photograph. Not even “thank you” . They take the pic and make up a good “heart breaking” story of filth and pity to get the wah wah of people back at home..

    sorry if i sounded rude.

    Keep clicking. Its not just about “tsk, tsk-ing” the life of these people. They have their own life … and we must “respect” them..

    And it’s life in nepal!


  4. we nepali are very very poor. heartfelt picture as the above friends told. best of lock from a fan.

  5. Photograph full of stories. His dress is teasing our PM’s western out fit. His shoeless muscular feet are saying hello to the urban gym goers. And his age mocking at our reality.
    Very candid capture. I guess villagers at this place also have to face the restriction of crossing the bridge during day time (bungee time).

  6. @ Suresh, Thank you for your comment. Ya ! I agree with you. I also could not view the full picture @ my home. Even, it says there is an error on the page. I don’t know what happened. May be our browser got corrupted :-).

    For your suggestion, you must have suggested so as you could not view the full picture (on the picture you can see the feet of the man). Without looking the feet of the man, the picture purely looks Awakward. Regarding the Focus, it was taken with a Point & Shoot Camera. Hence, I could do nothing there.

    For me P(F)otography is something what starts from COMPOSITION.

  7. Really nice and courageous shot.
    If the subject had been captured from bit far (6-7 steps back) would have made it more interesting(…can’t see the full subject in my browser and have to scroll ;)).
    Also , the focus is bit above the face (Hope my eyes are fine)

  8. Samir, My accolade to you for taking my comment in true spirit!!

    but LIN-1, 2, 3, …. is not an appealing idea…..haha Also, I see overemphasis again in your comment…haha…LOL

    Jokes apart, I again wanna say – this picture is heart touching!! keep clicking and keep sharing!!

  9. @ Lenscape, Thank you for your fair Words. As per your version, overemphasis I did not have such intention. I think, it would be GR8 if we all start giving the Caption to our pictures “Life in Nepal“,then Life in Nepal(1), Life in Nepal(2)……Hahaha….LOL…

    Anyways, I appreciate your Different angle of thinking.

    @ bishwa, Yes I didn’t talk with the Old Man during the Snap but exchanged few words later on. He was saying that he carries such Boras/Bags at least 10 times a day. Despite his Fast Breath & Sweated Face, he was very happy with his laborious job. What I learnt from his that “ We have to love your Job/ Service.”

    Again, thank you too for your own way of Commenting.

  10. Ugly face of Nepal!! But this is the reality. We cant ignore this.
    Great picture!! It takes courage to click these kind of frames!!

    But see above in your browser’s title bar:
    Life in Nepal | Life in Nepal: EverestUncensored
    I have some dissatisfaction with the caption of the picture. The series itself is Life in Nepal.I see some kind of overemphasis to this picture by the photographer!! What if everyone start captioning their picture with the caption: “Life in Nepal”?

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