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Life in Nepal Guidelines

The “Life in Nepal” photography series is an attempt of EverestUncensored to showcase the diverse cultural and natural assets and various lives of Nepal. Photographs suitable for this theme are published at EverestUncensored on daily basis along with the caption and description.
Photo of the month
One photograph will be selected from all of the published photographs for the month. That photograph will be the ‘EU Photo of the month’, which is a special section at EverestUncensored. This is an honorary recognition for the photographer’s contribution.

ELIGIBILITY: All amateur or professional photographers are free to contribute to this series. All photographs that have been published in Life in Nepal series for the same month are eligible for ‘Photo of the month’ selection.

THEME: Photographs must be taken inside Nepal with the following themes:
• People ( pictures that portray people, life and culture of Nepal)
• Nature ( flora, fauna and landscape that particularly speaks about Nepal)
• Architecture ( temples, stupas, traditional constructions etc that are specific to Nepal)
No preference is made among above categories. Recently taken photographs are preferred.

SUBMISSIONS CRITERIA: Photograph relevant to the theme can be submitted to EverestUncensored in one of the following ways:
Email to _eu@deerwalk.com with subject ‘LifeInNepal’
• Use the Submission from at http://www.everestuncensored.org/submitphoto
• Submit to Flickr pool (http://www.flickr.com/groups/lifeinnepal/)

Please read the following rules carefully before submitting any photos.

1) Photograph must be taken by contributor himself/herself.
2) Photograph must have a caption (no longer than 30 characters)
3) Photograph must have a description. Informative description related to the subject and place of the photograph are preferred.
4) Photographs must not be altered. Minor digital enhancement is permitted, but images that have been significantly modified or appear unnatural will be considered unfit for the selection.
5) Photographs having a resolution greater than or equal to 800×600 (72 dpi) are preferred.
6) Photographs once submitted will be unfit for further submission.


Selection for ‘Life in Nepal’

EU Life in Nepal team will select submitted photographs for ‘Life in Nepal’ series on the basis of the relevancy to the theme. Photos are published in the series in the first come first serve basis.

Selection for ‘Photo of the month’
From among the published photographs in a particular month, six photographs are nominated by the panel of EU Life in Nepal team. Public voting will decide the final selection.

Following parameters are considered for the preliminary nomination.

Originality: Creativity, innovation and quality of photograph
Subject: Clarity of the subject, importance of the subject, story expressed by the photograph.
Overall impact: Impact of photograph, caption and description to the public.
Composition: Focus of the main subject, creativity in the relative overall balance of the photograph.
Presentation: Correct choices of angle of view, lighting, soundness of the subject matter. Interestingness also counts here.
Technique and Difficulty: Type of shot (freely available, needs some specific technique) Photographer’s competence in the choice of shutter speed, aperture size, lens type etc.

1) EverestUncensored reserves the right to use the photographs submitted to ‘Life in Nepal’ series in its other publications (e.g. Calendar).
2) Decision made by the Life in Nepal team will be final.

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