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Life in Nepal – 7-27-2007

31. By: Shashi Acharya – Process…

30. By: Binaya Aryal- Work inspires you toward some hope and makes you forget where you are and what you are doing…

115 thoughts on “Life in Nepal – 7-27-2007

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  4. I think first of all, we should see inside our home & family that how we are living!!!! If we can realize & improve, I promise we won’t repeat such type of careless activities as above!!!

    By the way our country is already have poor economic so we should not expect & compare the our life style with developed country, so lets try to improve ourself!!!..

  5. Nicely done. Anyone notice Supriya in the background, or more importantly, the sign that says “PHOTOGRAPHY PROHIBITED” ???

  6. I drink like that everyday. It cleans your lungs as well as stomach because blood flow is even.

  7. It is crazy to drink water like that? This is not natural – I think the person is just positioning for photo. Get real!

  8. The children playing cards is very good. It boosts mathematical abilities and helps to deal with Statistics and probabilities. I am proud that I was one of those in my childhoods, bunking classes , and playing cards (even in classes when teacher was unaware). The trend continued up to university. In the job there is no such time to play cards by bunking or by shadowing the peeking eyes of the top level people.

  9. So gambling starts this early in Nepal? What a mess! Where are parents and what are they doing?

  10. Aah, women of Nepal…they get married to a fruit when they’re young — then they grow up and get married to real fruits!!

  11. Well, no offence BUT we play football, we have fun, we laugh, we dive for the ball and … we win sometimes 😉 – all of that here in NEPAL; does that make sense?

  12. tato na bhulto – nepali ko photo jasari nepal ma khiche pani “life in Nepal” kina nahune? This is showing we spend life in Nepal even playing soccer sometime. what is wrong?

  13. i think manish and too much is right.Life in Nepal ma football ko photo rakhera k prove garna khojeko ho??this is really ridiculous.

  14. Its ridiculous to see this football foto in life in nepal. Its making mockery of the life we want to portray as life in nepal. Are we serious enough to depict true life in nepal?

  15. please make ppl understand the meaning of “LIFE IN NEPAL”..WHY u ppl are posting football photo..this is too much…otherwise plz change the caption..or remove this section life in nepal

  16. It does appear that it was a multiple wedding ceremony. I can sense another bride in the foreground of the picture, ahead of an umbrella.

    Gosh..another man’s life also ended.

  17. AF meant All Fake.

    That story was all “imaginary and contained no substance and was not intended to defame of hurt any body’s feeling”

    Houday Patrakar !

  18. Here is the real story:

    The groom did not want to get married after affair of few months and some hanky-panky. When the groom found out what was not a pleasent news for him, he decided to go for hiding. The bride’s family did a massive manhunt- one of the largest in the history of Pokhara Municipality and even hired couple of private spys. Acting on clues provided by informants, they narrowed down the search area and located the house through Google Earth Mapping System. The groom was caught and was forced to get married. The brides family bought and presented him, “John Player” three piece suit, along with Crocodile underwest and wifebeater vest but he refused to wear them and said: “I am comfortable with what I am in”.

    The ritual was performed in a rapid way in the presence of local priest in the Bindi Basini Temple where the bride’s family blessed them despite the financial and moral loss due to whole incident. The grooms family though present, refused to get associated with him.

    An amateur protographer from US, who happened to be in the area for a short visit, caught glimpses through his ultra-slick Sony PV-503 camera with Carl Zeiss lenses.


  19. Since Groom is in casual wear it seems they eloped from their village and getting married, this may be the case of “Chelibeti BechBikhan”.
    Oh Lord ! if this is the case save the girl 🙁
    what the hell AMA samuha is doing in Pokhara !!!.

  20. It reads “you caught me at a bad time. I am awake.” Let us wait till she goes to deep sleep.

  21. Groom and Bride circling Bindhya Basini temple at Pokhara. Interestingly, watch the groom – he is very casual and it seems like that it is not a big deal for him.

  22. Geeta, …I think you have heard and known one hindi proverb ” Jaha na pahuche ravi (sun) waha pahuche kabi (poet) ” this is all because of his imagination and dreams he lead the way.
    Try to interpret pictures to something notable so that it will be in your heart for many days to come and sometimes it becomes very inspiring too.
    What you think the world you leave in today become all by itself with out any dreams and imagination.
    I loooove dreaming 🙂

  23. You guys are bunch of day-dreamers. Dream people, please dream. But, realist will win the world, not you. The boy is just trying to walk – what a big deal. Do not try to be Pundit!

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

  24. The boy would like to be closer to the pigeon, it has a message that when human is sacred and innocence he/she does not dare to see differences between him/her and other things. As they grow, their knowledge, position, power and success derive them towards enticement for subservient conspicuously or inconspicuously, i think but i am not sure, from this point human begins to make mistakes and brings suffering in the society. I have done for many times and who knows I am still doing inconspicuously yet.

    Love to be boy and captured in the camera

  25. hey Geeta,

    i am feeling pity on ur interpretation, this picture is pefectly life in Nepal not only this it also represents Nepal itself let me explain how.

    The baby here is representing whole nepal who is confused seeing things around (current situation in Nepal), unable to figure out pigeon (symbol of peace) ,the baby still wants to play with iron chain rather then pigeon (peace) hurting herself and other too. Pigeon (peace) is in her reach but chain is all she want and tie herself up.

    Great work Milan … and great thinking

  26. Geeta – Nepali boy, Nepali iron chain and Nepali pigeon, what else do you need to represent the life in Nepal? 😉

  27. What that boy is learning to do is ‘Shake the Chain and Shoo Off the Pigeon’. Life not only in Nepal but in the world over.

  28. You guys sometime act like a bozo. What makes you think that a kid holding an iron chain in a temple represents the life in Nepal. Wake-up guys! Do bit of thinking before posting these photos.

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

  29. 1. $ex addict (usually hom_)
    2. dr_g addict
    3. past crimina_s records
    4. lazy bu_t

  30. Swami ko aakha herdaa ta fittu hola jasto cha ni… haath pani kalo kalo cha…sekuwa banaudai thiyo hola

    Tuat ra sekuwa premi haru…BABA baane huncha
    all the best

  31. Swami haru sabai – swasni ko pitaki khayera swami baneka hun. yesta swami haruma pattakkai biswas nagare hunchha. India ko garmi chhalna nepal ayeka indian chorharu.

    They have lost and are in search of free lunch. Bunch of lusers!

  32. Shreeya, the best of the best, let’s go for 50% as next 50% would be you in answering that tough question.Then both of us 50+50=100% correct answer let’s hope for the best.

  33. That picture is a complete illustration of lack of (implementation) of law, civic sense and probably a adoption of “a way of life in Kathmandu.” OR an attitude of “let me go first”.

    It is a competition between pedestrians, motor bikes and cars.

    One thing I was amazed is how the people of Kathmandu learned about the “velocity relative to each other”. (pedestrial and vehicular velocity)

  34. By the way, there doesn’t exist human taxi as such except for few dozer and tractors chartered by helicopter for farming purpose, else mules and horses have to carry goods and essential loads as shown in pic.

  35. Transportation in Jomsom brought me the flash back memory of the Human Taxi in LalPurja of MaHa Jodi as well as my experience of Mustang Tour.

    However, Horse riding out there was a totally enthralling experience and a memory to cherish always.

  36. i am sure Jumal is a beautiful place.. i hope it were as easily accessible as the photo has been..

  37. take life as it comes… and try to feel the moment when you see something beautiful, now just see the picture and try to sense the nature and surroundings over there. “Don’t worry about government policies” because what you think was already thought by many.

  38. JOMSOM – Public Transportation for Livelihood::

    No doubt for any country to prosper, the first thing we need is Roads.. There are soo many places here in Nepal left unknown and unexplored just because we have no means to reach such places. first agenda of the govt ppl ought to be building roads to connect every part of nepal.

  39. hay Abishesh timi kun junima chau ki scooter chalaune nepal ma matra dekhna paincha bhanchau…that sounds so funnny…..baru timle yo bhane pani swaucha ki scooter nai nepal ma aabishkar gareko teso bhayo bhane balla keti le scooter chalako nepal mai matra dekhna paincha bhanera bhanna milcha….timi nai euta manche hola jole nepal ma matra keti harule scooter chalako bhaneko hola….ktm ma basne manche le yesto kura garna swayena hai…

  40. aman, gana ramro cha … mareko manchhe le sarap diyo bhandaima daraunu pardaina … pheri pheri pani geet sunna paun … mero aashirbad cha

  41. aman baw… timilai.. mero geet ko durgati gareko ma… sarap dinchhu..

    timi…arko janma ma.. Garage ma .. tyre repair mechanic bhawa!!!

  42. Cruising
    Ye Dosti Humm Na hi
    Chode ga…
    Safa Tempo
    Pohar saal Tyer Phatyo
    Resoling ghare ra Typer Chalaya
    Tehi Saal Petrole MahaGi Bho
    Battery use ghare ra Tempo Chalaya
    Yes.. pali ta.. Tempo ni Phatyo
    Ke le shu ne ke le tal ne ho
    ans: Fevicol

  43. 2 jana keti haru scooter ma baseko photo post garera life in nepal bhanna khojeko ho???k yesto nepal ma matrai huncha ra….post somthing different not gals riding scooter.it happens in other country also.life in Nepal hoina life in World bhanera arko title rakhera tesma post gare huncha….

  44. Khai Manish dai, malai ta Mongol faces sabai ustai ustai lagcha…sayad tapai lai pani hola…tesaile familiar dekheko

  45. ma sanga love ko natak garera malai bohula banaune keti tehi helmet lagaune wali ho. kati ghumiyo, aakhir me ayera ta timi sathi matrai ho bhani morile.

  46. Quote: “Beware of Safa Tempo @ Nepal”

    True.. Not only Safa Tempo(environment friendly battery powered) but the vehicles that run with LP GAS is much more dangerous. LP GAS cylinder is susceptible to explosion anytime anywhere. So as a matter of fact, we have moving explosives every where in the traffic.

    So, can’t we do anything about about that?

  47. Good Capture!!!! Community laundry spot.
    This reflects the real situation of Nepalese community which is only because of illiteracy and unawareness.

  48. Beware of Safa Tempo @ Nepal I too have seen lots of accident as such and this are not technically and structurally sound too. If you noticed the driver can not see the vehicle from his/her looking mirror- the reason is back is wider than the driver’s one.

  49. What a mess! Nepal and Nepali need management both at micro and macro level. This little laundry place could be made good looking with little management. Government needs to learn how to empower and incent local bodies so that they take intitiatives and every little place is managed well.

  50. Oh That shop !

    I used to enjoy Woh, Chatamari, Choyela and ???? (?????? ????? ?????? ?? – ?????? ??????)and sahuni’s daughter 😉

    The sahuni’s daughter eloped with one of the customers and their business was down and picked up again when the dad found her and brought back to the store.

  51. Charera marnu bhanda.. khayera cherera marnu base.. jaam khaam ani dekha jayega…

  52. Ammmmmmmm Mukh bhari pani ayo…. HOnachaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ko pasal….

    tara k garne Pet Gud Gud cah

  53. Actually Geeta, I think u have never tasted Newari Food. In Nepali, there is a proverb “Jibro ma jhundine” which is true for newari food. If u taste Newari food, u wont be able to swallow it… cause it will stick in ur toungue. 🙂

  54. Let us buycott all kinds of deep fried food. Let us stay healthy. This place stink. Let us drink beer and buycott oil!

  55. It is all upon the head; and the environment where you are liv’in.

    This Homacha is a really good and famous place.

    Think the community need to show more Surroundings and “BHATTIS” of Nepal.

    Just to Help bloggers. +Vely or -Vely bloggers will decide from discussion here…

    let us contd

  56. I thought Nepali food would be much healthier than what I am seeing here. Deep fried food – I hate it. This is a big wake up call for you all. Look at the surrounding – very dirty. And Manindra says he is regular customer of this place. Please watch Manindra.

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

  57. My caption to the newly added picture would be:

    “Love does not consist of gazing at each other, it consists of looking togather in the same direction.”

  58. Photo No.3 – Is that Shashi himself in the picture? Guys just check if he has that pair of shoes and tge yellow cap. I know he likes cap.

  59. Now, this is more like it — seeing this makes me come back to Nepal … kaan boka kaatya photo raakhera bekaar ma moodai off…..

  60. Are you guys trying to show love life in Nepal? Is this public display of private matter? Nepalese are copying western culture more and more everyday.

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

  61. Blogger, i do agreee with you and if you look at it, i had just put forth my opinion, i know it’s pretty disgusting that it went off in a different tangent..
    of course, it a great section to look at ktm and its multifarious colors.

  62. hey u stupid ppl, this forum is not for such stupid comments and cold wars. Mr melamchi and Miss/Mrs Shreya, what the hell u r talking abt, is it anywhere related to the photo? That is a simple photo portraying the lifestyle of village or the outskirts of the valley. That is indeed a good photo and reflects typical nepal. Well done.

  63. Hey Guys,
    Shame on you ppl. Talking lot about proverty of Nepal and trying to be a sensible person. Did you take this PIC with permissions with that woman. And you are making public this pic huh. You ppl are supposed to be educated one but I never thought that you ppl will show proverty of Nepal showing a woman taking bath. There are other way to show condition of Nepal. PLEASE REMOVE PIC FROM THIS BLOG.

  64. A lady thinks someone who doesnot agree with her are idiots and morons.What a great thinking?
    Nepal desperately need a ppl like you
    Keep it up lady Great thinking
    some one like Ghandi or ……. gadhi

  65. by the way bathing in public taps has been our culture and perhaps we should ask the lady if she considers it as a sign of poverty, and whether she is not doing it by choice.

  66. hmm, the picture is good but raises not so many serious questions. Cultures in different parts of the world are different.People are paying lots of money to take a bath in public and is considered luxury, as in japan. The only serious question is whether she can afford to built her private bath if she wanted. Try googling public baths in japan.

  67. I know what “Sulabh Sauchalya” means.
    So is there anything to do with that in this pic u dumbo.It would have been very much relevant if that pic contains some one like you urinating at the bar s of tudikhel and ratnapark.
    It sounds similar to that rocket fired in afganistan and you are running to save your life in kathmandu.

  68. Just to remove any confusions on the context of the first picture, this snap was taken in Telkot, within the Kathmandu valley and not more than 50 meters away from the road to Nagarkot. But i do believe that the sight is not a rarity at dhungedharas, river banks and public sources well within the valley.

    The aim of this series is to bring out the extremes of life inside the valley, not just in terms of poverty and living conditions, but also culture and lifestyle, malpractices and corruptions and any facet of the society that touches our day to day life. Lets have our say.

  69. well.. melamchi… firstly not only ‘A for’ is Apple.. ‘A for’ can also be aeroplane and not only ‘B for’ is Ball ‘B for’ can also be Boat or Bush or Bat.
    i am not opposing/criticising or watever for the lady taking bath in public. the very fact that i said ‘multitasking’ itself proves that. and do a little search on ‘Sulabh Sauchalya’ before posting blank comments, will you.. Christ! why am i even wasting my time justifying to morons.

  70. Hello Sreeya,
    Would you teach me some english ?
    You know i am not much expert in enlish as you do
    Could you write something in such a way that I can understand on the fly.
    What wrong if some one baths on open sky? If some one from western country can take a sun bath on open air on bikini, that sounds good for you right ?
    Ha ……….
    Have your say ?????
    You think these ppl need some sort of education on primary level as for me .

  71. melamchi.. go to a primary school and learn english first and try and comprehend what i really meant.
    i live in the heart of ktm and you should be the least person to tell me what ktm is.

  72. I guess shreeya has big bath room in his home??
    Have you ever been to the inner part of ktm,bhaktapur or lalitpur?
    Bathing on open air near stone taps and wells are commonly seen.Hey you lived near such a place and commeting unusual sounds weired.
    You are acting as if some one just came from US.
    Not a bad idea may be you are getting ready to fly to US and wanna think and feel like an amrican which may help you adjust there.

  73. What’s D’ Crap,
    momo cha khana hune.. choyela kachila khana hune…
    khasi boka katna chai nahune?????
    what a BIG SHIT.

  74. i think this picture raises a serious question. do we have enough toilets and bathrooms in the country?? lookin at the picture.. well it doesnt quite seem it was taken in kathmandu though such sights arent that rare in the valley either. Prolly the campaign of ‘Sulabh Sauchalaya’ yet has to reach her locality. But step one cm outside the ktm valley, the dearth of proper toilets and bathrooms is in galore everywhere.

    OR on a second note… may be she was just multi-tasking .. bathing and washing clothes and saving her a lot of time as well.. hmmm.. may be..

  75. Pani teo pani Kathmandu ma ???????????????????? Yo ta hunai sakdaina…
    This is not any life in Kathmandu, this is life of some where else…



  76. Somebody has posted this photo mistakenly by saying life in kathmandu….It should be life in village haina ta….gaon ko photo khichera lyayera ktm ko photo bhanna ta suhayena ni….

  77. Hey Vish what there means?
    You mean out of ktm
    Haahahaha ………………….
    Vish do sometimg man so that i can come here very sonn and our kathmanduties will have comfort to do so as in the pic.

  78. I wish i could build a Ofuro for her!That would probably stop worrying her from getting wet to covered part.

    There water runs freely and here we run for water breezily.

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