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0 thoughts on “7-31-2007

  1. sick of hearing all this ……
    i dont know what is the probs with us; babbling those few words of wisdom and cliches just for the sake of it….. ;when we all know what we r after.
    cynical u may name it,but this it what i see
    and ask to luna ,she knows it all……..
    after all u need so much guts and minds to fake by not letting any body observe it.

  2. Well, I agree that there may not be enough trees in the urban areas of kathmandu but considering the outskirts of the valley there are still dense forests which we have seen during hiking venture as well. We have seen the villagers using wood for fuel. Day by day these dense forests are being cleared off by chopping off trees for fuel and other purpose. This might cause bad impact in the environment of Kathmandu valley especially the air that we breathe. So for the fresh air that we need for breathing, conservation of forests is essential and even better if trees are planted as soon as they are chopped off.

  3. Loona, Do you think there are enough trees to cut and use as fuel for the people living in kathmandu these days.

  4. When trees are cut for wood, it should be heeded that replacing them by new plants is also essential for the sake of Natural Resource Conservation.

  5. It’s really good to use wood as fuel. This process really makes food taste different and tasty. Any way in Katmandu we are not able to get Gas and Kerosene. She is doing good using Nepal actual resources.

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