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Life in metro: a review

Juss wathced hindi motion picture,\”Life in a Metro\”.It was good.Thoug the cast and crew were not so called Branded Actors,but Irfan Khan,kay kay menon,KanKana Sen,Shinyahuja were juss perfect.
Leaving acting in the limelight for a moment, the story(theme) of the movie was another strong point.It was the awful truth of the big metro cities. The crippling of people for Success.The Silky Tounge and low character business act show the low virtue of those people.All running for big thing which …

…is nothing.
We are usually feeded with the,pre-precised formulated templates Of Success,i.e, Earn Big Money, Earn Much Assest,Earn Much Physic.So people go blindly sacrificing all for these success,just to find at last that they have gained all physical but lost all the Abstract. They have lost their sense of humour.They have lost their sound sleep.They have lost to Enjoy the Beautiful life playing with nature,playig with near ones.
One never gets satisfied, unles s/he come out of ingnorance that,itz all int the Head(mind).How you control it.What you think as \”sucess\”?Where is the Limit?When should you look back and analyze?When\’s the Right Time?
A Heart to be pasionate and drift…
Lets Know our Work,Lets Love Work,Lets Team Work.AND let Work Not Reign Us… :):):) Hasta La\’ Victoria Siempere….

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