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Life in Bridhasram.


Life in Bridhasram is little different than “Life in Nepal”. Here strangers are families and sometimes family come to visit like strangers. Here days are shorter than nights and during winter they become more short. This picture of Pashupati Bridhasram was taken one year back , but I’m sure life still is same there. They must be waiting eagerly for warm sunlight and their families are still strangers for them.


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  1. very touching and a great capture. It pushes all of us to do more to those needy and helpless people. Good job Lucida.

  2. Thanx all for comments. It’s always nice to have a comment from you Shutterbug.
    Fan of Shutterbug really life of old people should be colored but unfortunately life of many elders is very dark in our society. You also have noticed that when we go to Pasupati nath and watch dead bodies being burned, an intense feeling comes in our mind. But we forget everything while returning back.
    Similarly when we see these kinds of pictures we feel for them but that feeling dies immidiately. Let’s keep that feeling burning in our heart and let’s start to contribute. It’s not necessarily should be the big one, we can start from our Home and Neighbourhood.

  3. Raj, Shutterbug, both okay as it si cold and black and white life of old ppl needs to be colored like in USA by having old people MediCare Service from Govt itself.

  4. Well documented and well composed picture that has highlighted emotional side of Bridharsarm. Black and white is a perfect choice here. This picture by Kishor forces viewers to feel the sad story of many elderly citizen of our society. Hope this feeling will provoke our hearts to CONTRIBUTE and CARE for such elderly people.

  5. I think picture tells many thing. It’s very cold now in Kathmandu. It truly reflects the mood inside of the Briddhasram. Well done, I like the framing and message of the picture.

  6. nice message here my friend…””family come to visit like strangers” – that is if they ever come to visit at all!

    about the picture, i like the shadow of the bell..a better pic would have portrayed the message intensely

    well tried

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