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Life a perspective

People normally consider their life and career as the the same thing. What this leads most of the time is a successful career with a failed life. Career is a very important part of life but “just it” is not the whole life. There are so many other things in life besides the career. We do not see the clear separation and neither do we try to find the distinction. We need to find a clear separation and a perfect balance between these two and we need to change the way we live today.

While we have some plan for the career and give priority to career, we obviously achieve something. And it is important too. But there is something missing,do we really plan something besides the career? However small percentage it could be. We have to switch the priority from career to the perfection of life. In my personal experience, I do try to switch the priority. In such situations I am always forced to explain the things that I do not put on priority. It is not my business to convince people who ask me about this but I at least have to try because they want to know and care about me.

When I was about to join my first job, I was asked “what you will do next?”. Then I was forced to make assumption about the future which I had not planned yet. I answered their question because I had to answer that any way not because I had something important to say. The result was that my answer conflicted with their expectation and I was rejected. In the next interview I got the job because I answered the way they expected not because I had such a good future plan aligned with theirs. After getting job, I worked for quite a long time and could make some achievements in terms of career. Then I decided to change my way of doing. Again, time has come back to force me answer the things that I had not planned. I have to say I am going to do “these and these” next, though “these and these” are of minority to me and I just say because I have to. I do not always have a right direction aligned for my career and do not spend my time just for career all the time. I always find hard time answering in such situations. People miss the important part right here. They focus always to career and that is to say to physics and physical life and use mind to support that physics.

We, as human, can use physics to support the mental. This slight twist in the way of thinking could bring a complete revolution in the way we live today. Thinking from a different angle comes when we learn to live differently from what our previous generations used to. Differently not just in the way of physical sophistication and luxury but in the way of mental sophistication and mental luxury. The career oriented approach to life always leads to some dream related to some physical achievement or luxury. We forgot that we can control over what could happen to our mental part as well. Why we are so focused towards the physical composition and body?

People always argue about thinking out of the box, I would rather like to say living out side of the box. We can change the way of living significantly if we can make ourselves aware of what we are focusing on currently and judge ourselves by asking “is this the best alternative to go ahead?”. “Are we moving ahead with full awareness or we are just moving because our previous generation used to?” “Are we progressing in total or just in some physical gain?” This way we can always head for a total gain that is neither for the career nor for the mental satisfaction but for the balanced and perfect life.

12 thoughts on “Life a perspective

  1. Hiya, I am really glad I’ve found this information. Nowadays bloggers publish just about gossip and web stuff and this is actually frustrating. A good web site with interesting content, this is what I need. Thanks for making this web site, and I’ll be visiting again. Do you do newsletters by email?

  2. Hiya, I am really glad I have found this info. Today bloggers publish only about gossip and web stuff and this is really frustrating. A good site with exciting content, that is what I need. Thanks for making this web-site, and I will be visiting again. Do you do newsletters by email?

  3. Lekhnath, to live a meaningful life balancing – professional, academic, family, and social life is the successful life. I have got the similar thought from your post. I like this. m..on the same line.

    Nicely expressed.

  4. I personally believe need drives the motivation as is classified by Maslow for the “theory of motivation”.

    1 Physiological
    2 Safety
    3 Love and Belongingness
    4 Esteem
    5 Self-actualization

    These are what every human want and without them they are not motivated and they seek more in the increasing order for increased level of motivation and I personally also believe that mental satisfaction/luxury is the ultimate hidden satisfaction from life for each and every human. This is the level of self actualization. You are heading towards it. Some reach there later some early but there are very few numbers in the world who reached the fifth level(self-actualization). And i believe you are among them. Keep it up (y)

  5. Lekh,

    I encountered to witness some perspective of life while I was in Tokyo. I am a person who loves to go for outing to eat different cuisine. For this impersonal taste I looked and walked around the city to my capacity. Most of the eating places I entered during those period I saw quite a reasonable nos. of late middle aged Japanese men were accompanied by pretty young Japanese girls at the dining places in the name of KARAOKE ( Japanese tradition, sing while you dine)

    As the scenario grew to my surprise is Japanese society be an open and generous that Grandpa was very kind to take their Granddaughter to restaurant and club for the very late evening to drink, sing and eat?. I became nosey parker and started interrogating about the unusual pair and I discovered through my nasty behavior that they were not relative.

    The company was originated through the influenced life’s perspective. While Grandpa was young and energetic he spent all his right and might to achieve worldly desires (career) what we call name, fame, money and game etc. and forgot about the family life. At the time of retirement they got lots of money but no social life. To quench the lost thirst that they forgot in the name of career when they were supposed to be acquired? But they try to manage the unusual pair at the odd time with strange character yet provisionally.

  6. Bishal! being successful in one part of life does not mean being a successful. Career is no doubt an important part of life but we should not be confused by considering this important part as the whole. Heart could be important for a human system but it is in no way the whole system.

  7. Lekhnath ! The first statement of yours : “People normally consider their life and career as the the same thing. What this leads most of the time is a successful career with a failed life”. How would you justify this statement of yours ? can you give an example of this happening in practical life. Isn’t career a part of one’s life ? Can’t we take make an eclectic out of career and life ? Do you put career and life as two different things ? isn’t this contradictory to most of your actions pragmatically ??

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