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Ravi Sharma


Life a matter of creativity

People are mad. They say that life is a gift. Life, as such, is not a gift. And, I say it shouldn’t be ever either. Because if you find something as a gift, there is no need to search, there is no need to be thirsty, there is no need to be seeker, there is no need to wander for truth. No, life is not a gift. But, birth is your gift, birth is what given to you. It is not the life that nature has provided to you. It is only the birth- the half part that has been given to you.

Life and birth are utterly different from each other. Life is what a matter of creation. You have to make it, you have to gain it! Birth is not your achievement. It is already there. Life can be your earning-the earning that is priceless. Your birth is okay-it is not sufficient but. People have mis-conceptions that the opposite of, antonym of life is death. They are poor! They don’t know that there is no opposite of life exactly, the opposite of death is not life, it is the birth. So, birth and death are two aspects of same coin, not life. Life and death are not mutually connective. They cannot be compared-no similarity, no difference. They are neither relatives nor enemies. They are totally different from each other. So, if birth is there, there is death always. But, if you achieve life, death cannot be. Life means bliss and there is no opposite of bliss.

Birth is biological, it is physical. But, life, on the contrary, is spiritual phenomenon. It is a metaphysical phenomenon. No-one is great by birth. It is the birth they earn which makes them famous, which makes them eminent, which makes them the real emperor.

So, if I say life is not a matter of gift, I am simply saying that life is a matter of making. Many people in the east, many people in the west are known not by their births but by their lives.
He may be Henry Thoreau from America. He may be Martin Buber from Jerusalem, he may be Bertrand Russell from England, Socrates form Athens, Christ. He may be Buddha, Mosses, Mohammad, Mevlana Jalalluddin Rumi, Mahavir, Gandhi, Aadinath, Neminath, Lao-Tzu, Baso, Confucius, Krishna, Meera, Rabia, Lalla, Marpa, Sahezobai, Sarah, Tilopa, Sandilya, Patanjali, and so many.

Life is an art! Life is the ultimate goal of any human being. One of my friend asks me-”what should be the aim of life?” I say life should be for life that means- the aim of our life should be life- deeper eminent! Life itself is god. If you crate something, that brings you in utter-silence, in utter-bliss, that is your life, that is your very nature, that is the nature of the nature, that is god. We need not to go in search of god. We may achieve life by three ways-”SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM”. Satya is the way of meditators, Shiva is the way of yogis, way of tantras, Sundar is the way of painter, sculptor, musicians, poets. And, when you move in any of these three ways to attain life, what is attained at the end will be god. So, if you earn life, you become god. If you earn life, you become the creator. Life means to create, not to think. Life is not a part of thinking, it is the part of making, achieving, gaining!

16 thoughts on “Life a matter of creativity

  1. Good differentaion between birth, life and death. Sounds good to know your idea. But it depends upon perception. Someone might think- Being born is like being kidnapped. And then sold into slavery

  2. A thought on the Creative aspect of Life. Ravi, your analysis of life, gives a notion that you will make a good Philosopher. 🙂
    Hope to read more of your philosophical analysis.

  3. Ravi babu! Nice piece… but a bit distracted from the topic I guess 😎 … I loved reading Satyam Shivam Sundaram… The linkage of death and birth was a bit confusing to me ❓ … Overall that’s a nice article… Hope to read some more 😎 … Keep up the good work, dude… 😀

  4. i liked what you said about birth and death. and also what you said about life – that it was not a gift. When we look at the animal kingdom, what we find is, most of them live for creation – creation of a new life. same is the case for the flora. But then with us humans – we have taken this creatiivity to a different level. i cannot argue now what “creation” means to us exactly. The things being discovered were already there. We cannot say we “created” electricity. It was already there. So maybe, life is about searching for the things hidden in this universe, searching for a reason, or maybe putting the pieces of puzzle together. anyways, your article is very thought provoking… i’m just pouring some sleepless thoughts over here 😉 … cheers!!

  5. Nice attempt to define life, birth, and death in your own way. It could have been much clearer and more intense, though. It will come with time..I believe.

  6. Very creative article! I am really impressed, the differentiation between birth and life is crystal clear now….

  7. hey Ravi!

    Nice say man, Death is not antonym of Life. Life is neither Positive nor negative…….For some it’s best of everything and for others it’s worst, So there isn’t any particular meaning n definition for life………..
    It depends upon individul perspective.
    Anyways, your write up is nice and informative.
    Keep up a gr8 job.

  8. At first I was really confused ❓ reading this piece of Creativity. Slowly I got normal. I really liked the definition of Life you have given in the last para. Great Article RAVI…

  9. Ravi, the distinctions you have stated are nice, though some could be debated. Hope all of us go beyond the ‘being’ and start ‘living’.

  10. Good distinction between birth and life..which otherwise are confused to be interchangeable….

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