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Let Us Be Strangers Again

As I recall those days
I find my heart, fill with regret
Remorse and a feeling of guilt
I despise the moment I first saw you
That was when I was attracted to you
I curse the moment I approached you
That marked the emotions I once had for you
I regret the days I’d spend with you
All those talks I’d with you
How foolish I’d been
How dumb you made me feel
You’ve hurt me a lot
My heart bleeds deep within
I’d thought of you
As a cheerful fellow with a good heart
The one, unique from the crowd
But, now I know
I was mistaken all along
All you did was a pretense
Never took me as your friend
You despised me now and then
All the time, you thought me insane
It was I, the stupid one
Who believed you, but in vain
You’ve nicely done your task
Gifted me a heart, full of scars
Didn’t know what I’d do then
Suddenly my wounded soul cried out in pain
Life, which once used to be a heaven
Now turned into a perennial hell.
Life had to go on and on
Time heals everyone’s wounds
It has disfigured the bond we used to share
The one, so strong and reliable
Now, seems to be there no more
A common feeling we seem to share
A deep sense of apathy for each other
So my dear,
Let Us not dread on like this forever
Let Us end all these troubles
Let Us end this disgusting bond that we share
Let Us Be Strangers Again…

0 thoughts on “Let Us Be Strangers Again

  1. nah….didn’t mean “see it” as in read it somewhere, as much as, been there done that.


  2. @wizzz

    U might have seen it in a magazine of a +2 college.
    Got it published there , in 2003…

  3. nice one..
    keep on posting .. im much excited to read the next one from u..
    I’m in the same situation, but the story is not as urs…
    we act like stranger these days…
    but deep down inside we still feel for each other..

    @ Let’s b strangers again :- “Good for both” ❗ i guess not..

  4. your poem has parts where I can relate my past……….

    And now we are already have been strangers! Good for both!

    Nice write up, keep up Jane

  5. yes, this is very good!!

    and yes, when you said about when it was written… i am thinking I should have not commented in that detail…

    Thumbs up!! (and hope u don’t mind my explicit commenting, I am not an expert though..hehe )

    And one thing, it will be interesting to read (and write) fresher ones. For me, I keep on searching my archive for poems. hehe… got some.. will post… After they dry up, then only will try writing fresh ones..hehe..

  6. @Mr.Sensible,

    When I wrote this one, I was in 12 and didn’t care much about the stanzas and other aspects that would make a good poem!
    But considering your suggestion, I think that tweaking the few last lines would produce a desirable effect, while keeping the line ‘End this disgusting bond that we share’ intact.

    “Let Us not dread on like this forever
    Let Us end all these troubles
    Let Us end this disgusting bond that we share
    Let Us Be Strangers Again… ”

    What do you think?

  7. Its nice!!
    What if the last couple of lines are eliminated?

    End this disgusting bond that we share….”
    Mr Sensible is sorry to say this, but in his view (and can be disagreed!!) these lines (the last lines..) are putting the author’s poem’s title (and the nice write up..) in a shadow. Mr Sensible guess that the author wanted to give a final impact by saying “disgusting bond”. But Mr Sensible feels that the central character, I, (in this poem) is giving much importance to the stranger by showing his/her ‘constrictive distress’, and that too at the end of the poem.

  8. I can’t take my mind off you
    I can’t take my mind…
    My mind…my mind…
    ‘Til I find somebody new

    last verse from “The blower’s Daughter”

  9. never regret for what u have done….
    if u make any decision which is best for now can be worst for tomorrow….
    so just don’t regret for any of your actions done in past………
    when u do anything u do it because u think is right……
    regreting means u are proving yourself false…..

    @english GPA – 2.5

  10. This is your second one i guess…
    bth the poems are connected. In the first u were in dilemma and now u want to breakup and be strangers.
    You’ve written:-

    “Let Us not dread on like this forever
    Let Us end all these troubles
    Let Us Be Strangers Again
    End this disgusting bond that we share….”

    Remember one thing, you can never forget the memories when u were together, the moments u shared together, the moment u laughed at each other…

    Dont end the relationship at any cost….. and don’t be strangers again..
    trying to forget will only hurt u more and give u more pain

    But life goes on and u need to move onnnnnnnnnn 🙂

  11. Nice one. Yeah I agree life had to go on.
    We have found a new poet in our office. Hoping for more from you in future as well. May be next time it will be one in happy mood. hehe

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