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Lali Gurans On Sale

179. Lali Gurans On Sale
Photo By: Shutterbug

Children selling Lali Gurans to passing vehicles along Tribhuvan Highway near Palung and I couldn’t resist buying one bunch for rupees ten.

In the year 2019 B.S. Lali Gurans (Rhododendron) is publicized as our national flower. There are 30 varieties found here in Nepal at the altitudes between 2300 to 3700 meters and this time of year (March and April), it blooms in its full glory.

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  1. Thank you Bishwa and DreamSky for your CHEER. Yes I took it from the window of Micro-bus while I was returning Kathmandu from Daman. Asking questions is a good sign for anyone who wants to study more about the Picture and Photography. Learn to observe ‘Picture’ carefully and check its technical detail and ASK questions: How? and Why?

    You can try shooting ‘Shutterbug’ any question you want in above picture or any picture that he has posted here in EU Blog. 😉

  2. spread the message my friend! you are doing great with it.
    Did you take this pic from the vehicle? … its an obvious question but still i wanted to ask 😉

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