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KMC’s new project: Dumping site at Putali Sadak

Putali Sadak is one of the major marketplaces in Kathmandu valley. Thousands of people pass through this way on foot or by vehicles. It passes by the side of Singhdurbar and is somehow linked up to Royal Palace. It is surely one of the most beautiful road segments in the Kathmandu valley as well. And Kathmandu Metropolitan city has brought new plan to change this beautiful road segment in the dumping site.

The following pictures were taken within an hour on Friday road segment from New Plaza turn to Kamaladi turn. I found the garbage piled up at nine places in nearly 700m segment. In average, the garbage has been piled up in every ninety meter. People, especially pedestrians are suffocated by the bad smell and the heaps have even interrupted the people as well as vehicular movement at some places. There haven’t been any reports that KMC’s sanitation workers are launching strike, or anything for which garbage collection has come into halt.

Owing to less office hours on Friday, the officers were not available at the KMC for reaction. However, if the KMC taxes its people, such situation is extremely deplorable and people can’t remain dumb. It is high time that the KMC is also brought under accountability.

The problem has another equally important aspect as well. Being human beings, don’t we a little care about others? Does it necessarily mean that we pile up the garbage from our home to the street, and expose to thousands of people? Isn’t it high time to think about the alternative garbage management system?

There is a proverb in Nepali- even the cat also hides its excreta. Don’t we care as much as the cat also?
(All pics: Indra Dhoj kshetri)

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