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307. Kids
Photo By: jk10976
Post Date: 4th Dec, 2008

Description: Small kids carrying fertilizer in “Doko”. They go to school as well. This is part of life in Nepal especially in villages.

5 thoughts on “Kids

  1. this photograph captures the moment rather than the context.. it captures a part of their life.. there’re small joys in the little things they do… Nice capture jk … appreciated!!

  2. This picture depicts the hardship faced by many Nepali children from remote villages of Nepal. One can easily feel this contrast in lifestyle of children from urban areas of Nepal and village. Moreover girl children in villages have even more hard chore to fulfill. Check my previous post. Anyway happy thing is that these children go to school.

    This is more of journalistic shot however vertical composition could make it more vivid in its message. While taking this picture jk10976 could move slightly to the left enabling viewers to see those heavy ‘dokos loaded with fertilizer’ they were carrying.

    Distortion because of the small picture size is pretty visible. It would be nice if LIN Editor strictly maintain size of pictures as per ‘Life in Nepal Guidelines’. I assume ‘Life is Nepal’ of EU is not just about life in Nepal but also about ‘Photography’.

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