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Kidnapped, Lava Kafle Taken Hostage for two 2 hours: july 29, 2010 Krishanbhir

Kidnapped, Lava Kafle Taken Hostage for two 2 hours: july 29, 2010 Krishanbhir, A guy tells Special Ops, flashes a Nepal Army Identification, worries about lava kafle driving bajaj pulsar 150 cc black bike, and special investigation he says, and takes the key , drives the bike asking lava kafle to ride car and enjoy alongside the prithivi highway. Lava kafle denies riding car instead agress to piggyback while the Captor drives.

Recklessly, He drives, nearly killing both by hitting the wall protecting from river Trishuli, but God Lord saved. later he gives helmet to lava kafle, showing concern for protecting lava more than himself. he knows many generals, colonels and says his father was army officer in Nepal Army, and claimed he was colonel. He talks about his family too and would not let lava die by bike accident, thus driving properly now.

He is sweet spoken gentle good guy, handsome face, looking like a real army, not much tall, did not physically assult, kept converstaion and respect ongoing.
The car owner continuously following up bike, and not leaving a sight of confiscated bike.

The car had green number plate belonging to tourist vehicle. The number plate was dangling , so it might have been a stolen car.
First break before reaching mankamana gate, at Women run restaurant on right side of the road, a few drinks, and the kidnapper asked for no ransom, no bet, even showed 500 rupees note to pay. But captive lava kafle ventures to pay the bill. This time he even had Car keys, so, the car driver too may have been under his influence, control, captivity.
Second break occurs at Women only run restaurant in Mungling and the owner remembered Lava and wife taking lunch just some weeks before.
Drinks were shared, and they bought, Red Bull and snacks , and ciggarettes, and meantime Lava called 100 asking about the car, the police curtly replied to use landline of mungling not knowing lava was captive prisoner there with two people excorting taking bike keys and using the bike.

In meantime, After much request,the guy handed keys but stopped somehow Lava kafle from reaching his bike, with in an instant of a blinking eye, lava could manage escape when duo captors were preparing to collecting their foods and beverages, bills the Captive lava Kafle paid.

It might have been just for fun, but Lava kafles bike just after crossing KrishnaBhir, was tried to be stopped by the car 2 times overtaking and opening the door on left side. The microbus and other vehicles that passed by were told by the guy no problem go go.

The guy took out papers of lava kafle bike license and bluebook photocopy from finance , not putting them agin inside rain proof pouch, so one of the letters vital for bike ownership nearly got destroyed that is asked by police and trafic all the time in kathmandu valley.

It might have been filmy fun, but Amid its risks I want world to know film style kidnapping in real can happen and be careful in Nepal’s highway, where mobile police presence is ineffective and security lapse exists.

God bless me , the panic I had being kidnapped for two hours, and God saved me he was a good guy and my life was saved.

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  1. Once I shared the idea to one of my colleague on being kidnapped and any security measures one can make on such eventualities in Nepal these days. And it happened, but god bless, no physical touch, no verbal abuse, no rigorous words exchanged, The person was too good and made fun of me leaving the car riding my bike, once nearly killing both of us, God saved god saved life

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