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Kathmandu University Almuni Association(KUAA) First Reunion

KUAA reunited for the first time with the exclusive effort of its Executive Committee in BICC HALL New Baneshowre KTM Nepal on November 25, 2006. Vice Chancellor Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma, Registrar, Deans, HODs, Professors, Administrators/managers, and lecturers were present from the University while ALL KU graduates about 300-500 participated for the first ever ceremony of KU Almunis.

Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma reminisced the moment when he, registrar,deans,and other high brass used to clean the rooms, carry the tables, shutdown doors/windows, keep accounting and numerous other chores by themselves as there was no money during the startup. He also said that Kathmandu University(KU) will need a huge Budget to open Polytechnic institutes,large Auditoriums, Scholarships for poor, and other tasks for which Almunis can play a vital role by donating to the University’s progress.He cited examples from Oxford university and Indian Universities, where Almuni donated more than 5 million pounds at once for restructuring their institutions from where they graduated. He also vowed to make KU’s name appear in top 500 world universities even if it may take another 20-25 years. He stressed that WE Nepalese must work at least 14-16 hours a DAY to meet the tough Competition going around the World.
He remembered the days when Government thought it a joke to start a new University with nepalese money. He shreded tears in memory of those Foreign Professors who have passed away and contributed by providing Exceptional knowldege to KU Students and Professors. He also reiterated that KU is loved by Foreign Professors for its Students only and nothing else as Physical infrastructure is still scarce. He gave examples of Singapore /Taiwan where Economics helped people enjoy democracy.
Registrar, Dr. Bhadraman Tuladhar remembered the days when he had chance to join his University’s Almuni function in Moscow. He said that we are treasures of KU as Professors , Administration, and management keeps on coming and going. He asked all Almunis to contribute at least 5 Rs. to 10 Rs. a day so if 770 Almunis contribute , it could make up to 7 Crores in 10 years and with that 7 crores, we could help a lot to university.
Dr. Shakti Rana said that new entreprenurship should evolve from the Almunis and create economics, and change existing situation. Those who do not change shall perish.
I met with Dean of Engineering Dr. bhola Thapa who stressed on lack of best companies in Nepal so, vital manpower is being drained away to foreign soil. He said that they will organize Special classes in KU where engineers of Software Company like D2HawkeyeServices will be requested to mentor the students if such companies open up a department/office in the grand IT Park in Panauti.It would also help KU students to get real life taks before graduating so, they can compete better in their future careers.
HOD of Computer, Manish Pokharel who is a member of High Level IT task force of government agreed to propose that software companies need long tax holiday in Nepal to survive and VOIP decision should be made as regard to new technology as it might be useful to Nepalese people. He agreed that the course structure of KU has been superior in meeting the tough situations as students graduate through high quality process of the university. he also exemplified Finland situation where IT Hubs get 6 month as total Tax Free period. He gathered almunis from computer department who have been working at TOP levels in different reputed Organizations like Asian Dvelopment bank, Nepal Telecom, Nepal Electricity Authority,Drinking Water, Government Ministries, IT companies like D2HakweyeServices and other instituitons.
KUAA President Ms. Sijan Sharma and KUAA Member Secretary Mr. Binod Aryal discussed on future growth of Almunis and the streamlined effort of the Team to enliven the Almuni Spirit keep and to keep politics out of Education.
About 20 companies had sponsored the gala ceremony.
Almost all participants registered as a lifetime member of KUAA.
The Executive committee of KUAA comprises of the following members:
1.Ms. Sijan Sharma , President 2. Mr. Sanat Kumar Bista, Vice-president 3. Mr. Binod Aryal, Member Secretary 4. Mr. Kumar Baral, Treasurer 5) Ms. Mandakini Bhatta, Ms. Anjita Singh KC, and Purusottam Kharel as Executive Members

KU Batch of ’99

0 thoughts on “Kathmandu University Almuni Association(KUAA) First Reunion

  1. Yes ShashiDhar ji, you are correct. Nepal has remained as it is now because of our ill-mentality and over-learning bad politics imported from some friends. We go after the Crow telling it took my ear away instead of touching our ears. This Nepali tendency has certainly harmed KU.

  2. Dear Friends,

    Nepal has been a football ground for interal and external politics. This has been severly destroyed the country. Our universities are not beyond these. The universities except KU are being severly affected by the politics as an example you can see VCs’ appointment in those universities. Education should be the highest priority but it has been thrown into dust bin for last several months. Some elements are trying to destroy KU as well for their ill motives.
    Any problems can be resolved by mutual understanding through dialogues and negotiations. Nobody should try to influence KU bringing ill politics inside. Yes, lets do politics for improving quality of education in KU, lets do politics for bringing resources in to KU, lets do politics for the national and international image of KU, lets do politics for creativity and innovative ideas through researches, lets do politics to make KU a number one university in Asia within five to ten years in terms of quality and resources. Then lets be proud of KU and being student of KU, faculty of KU, staff of KU and KU being a top University in Asia.
    Lets see the good things ahead. Lets look through the eyes of flower but not through the eyes of thorns. Lets work for goodness of KU, sabailai chetana bhaya.Lets not spit on the same plate on which we eat.

    Thank you.

  3. TRUE!TRUE! Extremely lavishing costs should have been minimized and used for Scholarships instead of being spent in BICC. I remember the Canteen meetings of KUAA as I too participated when we were no longer professionals and we were the pioneers to KUAA formation. Now we are professionals earning sufficient amount for money to earn a living and all of us are in good positions to raise advertisements/Donations for needy students. Not all are like you or me, my friend, as time has changed and we need good places to organize such meetings/seminars..so more people have willingness to participate. Let us see if VC’s proposal of creating huge auditorium in KU Premises succeeds and our dear KUAA meeting can be held there. The Advertisements could then be used for scholarships instead of spending in an expensive hotel, in your term.

  4. The news about the first reunion of KUAA is not entirely true. It is actually just the ‘first reunion’ organized in an expensive hotel. In my opinion this venue and event was too lavish costing too much money. This money could have been used in a more constructive way. For example, the foundation of a scholarship fund for underprivileged students.

    The first ever reunion was organized at KU canteen in conjunction with the ‘Sports Week 2000’, while KUAA was still in ‘tomb’ i.e. not officially registered but in the process of registration with DAO Dhulikhel. I am not suggesting that all further meetings should be held in the canteen and I acknowledge that the antendees are deserved of more comfortable and ejoyable surroundings for their reunion. The point I am making is that the members of the KUAA should not lose sight of the initial objectives for the foundation of the organisation, which are to raise money not only for the enjoyment of members (which is an integral part of the alumni) but to extend the opportunity of education to underprivileged members of our society and to further develop the facilities within our already great university…

  5. Tonnes of thanks Lusidvicel(vicelv@seznam.cz) for loving http://www.everestuncensored.org. Please post your comments freely. If You want to be a blogger yourself please Click the link of be a blogger on Left Bottommost Side of the main page.
    Again, thanks for caring our blog site.

  6. Bad way of disagreeing with top level KU Management when I visited http://changeinku.blogspot.com/.
    My Points:
    1. Blogs were not developed to personally scold people with even bad vocabularies but to talk about improving processes.
    Since those who are most hated like Nepalese prime Minister are actual forerunners for making country better, I pay my startup vote now to VC of KU for running in Presedential Elections (if happened in Nepal soon as thought by public)from Academic side as I have felt that his skills in collecting money, providing outputs, and in synchronizing people’s ideas into fruitful results is the only example in the world.I also feel that he should be nominated for Nobel peace prize in Education.If anybody has any hatred against him, they can talk to him directly and if they want to charge an offence they can go to court. Without Economics, Nepal remained as poorest till now, and we should not ruin our country any further.

    2.If the reports there were true why Bloggers team did not go to court of law and fight instead of making rampant accusations in the web-site only.
    3. I have tasted all universities and found that Political motivation like that of Political parties when one not in government scolds personally the one in Government. Who makes the Government?The people’s Senate, so, KU Top Level Management is made by Students and stake takers of KU. If a student or a professor cannot cope such management, they should resign instead of scolding only and not paving way for modifications.
    4. Even our batches at that time revolted at times in positive way, not by personally scolding VC,Registrar,Deans, HODs and we were successful in making KU Progress towards correct path that we envisioned. Nobody applied hooligans to beat us or never did KU management tried to fail us or expel us, the history is the witness to it.
    5.If anybody has personal ego against KU Management processes, then please go and scold directly,else, please use cocktail parties to express your dissatisfaction.If KU’s real students and professors are really concerned on improvement, then please use methods of US/UK Universities,not some Indian Universities.
    6. Please also list out blogs of Students that scold people at personal level in the developed countries like US/UK..even using some foul words.
    7. When Saddam was announced Death Penalty he accepted it as a verdict from GOD and did not criticized Bush personally. Rarely maosits in Nepal scolded Security Personeel at their blogs/news..even though they were fighting with weapons. So, If you people have to fight Fair Play, no Foul Play.
    8. Our Nepalese mentality from old regime should be changed which is undemocractic if we deal in personal level, Salary, bad teaching,…Because, one cannot satisfy everyone in democratic thinking. Only old rudiment mentality of we Nepalese makes us fight at personal level.
    9. Quality processes define the output how it behaves. KU infrastructures, the trees that we had sown in the dusty ground with VC,Registrars,Dean,HODs..have now been tall tress and KU looks so beautiful. The road was black topped although later and we could not fully enjoy, the newer batches got the chance , and do not forget the hostels/quarters/canteens/Football/Basketball that we always craved for. So,these possessions and about 7000 workforce from KU working all around the globe with full honor and at top levels definitely prove that KU Management till now is not a failure but a super success that was not dreamt by startup Universities.
    10.Bush/Tony Blair/Laden are hated by whole world for their strong ideas, but it is their management structure that runs the processes and not their personal self, so, they have been successful in their tasks whatever it is. They are just players of the role. Tomorrow anybody can reach the topmost post if one has skills, talents, workability..
    11. These days HOD, manager, ,,,is not a teaching job but a Management job and is not concerned if an Education manager handles his department of Mechanical Engineers. He is not there to solve engineers’ technical problems but to help them with logistics.

    1. Please put the blog site in Official Web Site under Blogs section if applicable.

    2. If People are studying and earning in KU, and still use accusations in Blogs, please, have guts to fire them immediately with a new rule in effect that if they do not like anything they can leave or may be forced to leave without any court inquiries in writing as it is observed in modern world scenario because If River is flowing to South and our boat is sailing the Force towards north repels us from reaching destination. Modern Mnagement rule is like wife husband relationship, if you do not like one divorce and choose another instead of staying together by quarelling and destroying both lives. HIRE and FIRE rule is prominent among IT related instituitons as it affects country’s economy and is basis of business globalization.

    3. Please form an internal investigation committee to find if outside forces are active in making KUities fight eachother as KU is the only University that progressed too fast than any other and forces should have hands in such fatal situations posted in blogs. Take help of government and public if necessary. Cross-University Espionage and Cross-Company Espionage have been active in this era and management must be aware of such activities when hiring Employees or taking in Students.

    4. Remember KU Almunis in time of need and we will always be there to help our KU.

    5. Please have regular recreational activites for the students like Picnic/Hiking/Merrymaking every month where students and Management shares funds like in our time.

    6. Please carry on the Questionairre System through Web site everymonth that we used to fill for judging our professors and used to comment on ways of progress if it has been pending now.

    7. Please push government for black-topping the Lakuri Bhanjyang road fully to panauti, so, we have better access to KU from kathmandu.

    8. Please stop any kind of political group formation that breaks KU apart as we do not have time fighting and please analyze why they want such groups and remedy the cause. Let us leave Politics to other Universities. We also had strikes many times and now i feel if i had used those bunked classes time in Computer Labs in creating new software the world has never seen, I could have become billionare now and could help needy people more.

    8. Please have Students understand current Industry Standards and use extra time in their labs and libraries than in funtime.

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