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Kathmandu to Lumbini to Kathamandu Day 3

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92 Sunday Morning

93 … and the River

94 Pairing up

95 … and coming up

96 Sitting down

97 Sayonara to Basanta – you made our stay memorable

98 Back to the same road

99 Abi and Anu

100 Songs and Vinaya

101 Rina Square

102 Pramesh and Bishwa

103 Prerana and Sangita

104 Shiram and Vish

105 You know us

106 Highway – not bad

107 Contemplating

108 Bhairahawa

109 Nice curve

110 Center point

111 Baba without clothes

112 Fun with water

113 Playing with the river

114 Old and cold

115 Crystal joy

116 Beautiful

117 …and clean and calm

118 unstoppable

119 A2 of D2

120 P2 from D2

121 Pre-Ree-Sa

122 In the banks of narayani

123 Rock Diving

124 Cherished moments

125 Putali Body guard

126 We will be back again soon

127 … and will you let me join!!!

Click to view photo for:
Day One | Day Two | Day Three

7 thoughts on “Kathmandu to Lumbini to Kathamandu Day 3

  1. dude…crop out the foreground a lil in pic 95 and see how it goes… the sky is so beautiful in it… pic 108 is also a good one..

  2. yeah, sorry man… you are the Shutterbug … and case-sensitivity is a good nature, hope you get what i mean πŸ˜‰ … keep posting and commenting

  3. Yes it sounds and looks so peaceful and beautiful trip. I cherished viewing all pictures of soothing dusks and enjoyed reading Sumit’s opinion of Buddhism. Hope this trip enables you guys to feel the true essence of Buddhism philosophy and help to learn to respect Mother Nature.

    Picture no: 98 should have clicked standing in middle of the road rather clicking it from moving vehicle. That was a wonderful moment any photographers dare not to miss. (Horizontal frame, arranging road and trees at the center creating feeling of as if it submerges in distant horizon.)

    Picture no: 95 needs cropping to make sun looks bigger and evoking a warm feeling of dusk.

    Well Bishwa, I think “Shutter-de-bug” and “Shutterbug” are two contrary words that express different meaning. Of course “Shutter Bull”, “ShutterBug”, “Shutter-de-bug” are not “Shutterbug” hai …let me say I am “case sensitive” too. πŸ˜‰

  4. to suyesh, sorry for the confusion, “Shutter-de-bug” is just a caption, he might not be the original shutterbug, its meant to be funny in some sense… apologies to the original ShutterBug.


  5. OMG.. some pictures are just tooooo good (I mean technically). I and I think I now know who is mysterious shutter bug. Gr8 trip. :mrgreen:

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