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Karma’s Karma

310. Karma’s Karma
Photo By: Shutterbug
Posted Date: 11th December

These are Karma Galzen’s hands from Pisang, Manang who asked me for a pen. Actually I didn’t have a spare pen but couldn’t decline his request so I gave him the only pen I had. Just to make sure he properly uses the pen, I asked him if he could write his name. He said, “Aauccha” (Yes I can) and you can see how he wrote his name in his left palm. Later I helped him to write his name correctly on his right hand then he flashed widest smile on his face and tucked the pen in his torn t-shirt and ran away.

It’s been more than a month ago when I had met him during my trek to the Annapurna Circuit but I still wonder about Karma’s karma. When will we be able to educate all our Karmas of remote regions of Nepal? When slogan like, “Every child has the right to education” could make a real sense? I feel bad not to find the answers.

0 thoughts on “Karma’s Karma

  1. Shutterbug! You have indeed gifted. This single picture can express ‘Life in Nepal’ more than thousand words can. Hats off man!!

  2. Dear Rina, and Anjana
    Glad to have your comments. Thank you. 🙂

    Dear Visitor
    Your comment made me review on this ‘careful’ posting I made here in LIN and I am sorry to say that I disagree with your opinion. It takes some knowledge of photography genre and experience to see the ‘message’ behind the picture and judge its technical soundness. Anyway, thank you for your naked comment.

  3. Hey Rina, you seem to have a very “touchy” heart. What is touchy here, young lady? Please wake up, do not go too emotional. And take care of your “touchy” heart. The world is ruthless.

  4. a good photo does not need any caption or description. this one does not tell anything without a description. i do not consider this a good photography. please try again.

  5. Photograph that touch ‘Human Hearts’ and the story behind is even more touchy. Thank you Shutterbug for sharing this Reality.

  6. Thank you DreamSky, AshishShrestha.com.np , SensibleOne, Sangharsha, for your comment and the compliment.

    Dear ‘AntiNepaliPastPresentFuture’, I am not hurt, I was just worried that people may take this posting ‘Karma’s Karma’ in a negative way.

    Here I would like to quote John Isaac‘s words who is also a photojournalist for the United Nations and UNICEF and served for over 20 years. Once he said, ‘I feel that I am a human being first and a photojournalist second.’ And that’s exactly how I feel. During John’s career, He followed one simple guideline: ‘Never take away someone’s dignity, just as he would not want someone to take away his dignity.’ I am very very very sensitive about his words.

    There is one more, simple guideline I try to follow. As Antoine de Saint Exupery writes in ‘The Little Prince’. “It is only with a heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” I try my best to capture images with my heart and not just with my eye alone and help people see harsh reality of Nepal. Sometime words alone are insufficient to arose the public’s interest, as the saying goes one photograph can speak a thousand words.

  7. Such a great posting!! I simply like the way shutterbug go select his subject and share story behind. You are indeed a ‘GIFTED’ like Yestai ho suggested. Thank you for reflecting this bitter reality. Let’s hope better life and education for our Karmas.

  8. I did not mean to hurt you shutter.. but to that NepaliPastPresentFuture explanation.

  9. It makes me keep wondering – why Karma asked for a pen rather than some food or money.

    Btw, not only your writtings your handwrittings are also nice Shutterbug 🙂

  10. Thank you everyone for those comments on ‘Karma’s Karma’ the Reality that bites many. Portraying this ‘Reality’ is not my intention to demoralized Nepal and Nepali like AntiNepaliPastPresentFuture has guessed. Hiding from this reality won’t help so I just want to awake ‘HOPE’ of better future for our Karmas of Nepal.

  11. Nepali Past Present Future shown by this HridayaBidarak Heart-rendering Picture. Note Karma’s Clothes and Hands.. God Bless We nepalese and hope new revolutionized Nepal can Eradicate these. It representa all of us. Our Mental and social patterns. Our Culture and Civilization. It is not only Karma but Dutiful all of us and our Duty=Karma. Who will write unto all Nepalese forehands like this way, a new ray, hope, and achievement?

  12. The post made me ponder……..the bitter part is that the slogan are limited just as slogan. 🙁 but looking at the brighter side, we share a common dream,and it gives insight to make it possible. 💡

    Thanks for posting it. 🙂

  13. This is great capture of the moment. Story behind the picture makes this touching. Your writing is beautiful, Shutterbug. You are gifted.

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