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Kapil’s US Visit

This was my second visit to the Deerwalk office in Boston. The last time I was there in February, 2013 the entire city was covered with snow. This time, Ashay, Arjun and Sanjeev picked me up from the airport and I couldn’t identify anything because everything looked completely different in full color. Last time, snow was everywhere, the water on the lake was frozen solid and it was so cold. This time Boston was beautiful, full of vibrant colorful leaves in the trees, sailboats on the water and warm, friendly Bostonians enjoying the fall atmosphere.

Deerwalk has grown over the past couple years! There were so many new faces in the Boston office. It was really great to (re)connect and see people in person. Sitting across the table from other Deerwalkers like Kevin, Vijay and Gerardo was so nice. We really get to know people being in the same room. Every day was fun. We did the normal business things like stand ups and regular product discussions. We also got to bring our own lunch to share and we took rounds around the office laughing and sharing stories.

On the second week I flew to San Francisco for a client meeting. I met Tara, my client and friend, who relocated from Boston to San Francisco. We went out with her family to the downtown area and got to see the famous San Francisco Bay Bridge. Tara was so fantastic and kind to me. To my surprise, she booked a ticket for us to take a duck boat ride. It was crazy. Take a look at the video on their website. They have a vehicle that’s a mix between a boat and a van. They take a bunch of passengers on the road around the city and drive it right into the water where it sails as a boat. The guide explained it to be the vehicle used by Germans in Second World War.

I took some personal time and flew to Las Vegas on Oct 14. This has been a dream of mine for ages. From the time I started playing poker on Facebook, I had a dream of playing poker in Vegas. I finally checked that wish off my bucket list. I played table poker for three hours and only lost $20. By the way, they give you free beer when you play at the tables. I’d say I got my money’s worth.

Finally, on the last weekend I went to Connecticut to meet my college friends. We haven’t seen each other for over 7 years. It was so nice to see them again.I have to give a special thanks to Rudra for providing me the opportunity to visit there and Muna for hospitality. As always, Sanjeev took good care of me while I was there even though I didn’t help him much with cooking. Thanks to Abanish dai for taking care of my needs and Smriti, Trilok, Minal, Namita and Rebika for sharing their lunch. Anadi dai, thank you for visiting me in the meeting room at least once a day for constructive conversation. Rob and Jeff, thank you for being so nice to me. Ashay, thanks for taking me back home in public transport and John Cassella for taking me to clients. You all have been so kind and really made this trip awesome!

I have lasting fond memories from this trip, including: Ashay driving Sanjeev’s car back home, Understanding NFL and cheering for the New England Patriots, Riding the horse at Kerry’s (client) barn, Meeting Haribansha at Rudra’s house, Loosing our way back home with Edward, Driving through New Hamsphire highway to enjoy the fall, Going trick or treating on Halloween with Sanjeev, Mabi and Riya, and, as always, fresh seasonal beer. Client visit

Susi treat from Muna
Susi treat from Muna

Poker in Vegas
Poker in Vegas

Kapil Pandey, Director of Product Management, visited Deerwalk US office from October 4 to November 3, 2014.

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