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Hiking from Kapan to Sundarijal via Tarebhir

Figure1: Bagmati at Mulkharka
Photos by: BhaskarBhattarai
Captions by: Vishnu Kshettri, Binaya Neupane

Figure2: Polynesian Sunset

Figure3: Maintain by Local Farmer

Figure4: Joint River (Bagmati and Nagmati)

Figure5: Joint River (Bagmati and Nagmati) Contd…

Figure6: Joint River (Bagmati and Nagmati) Contd…

Figure7: Joint River (Bagmati and Nagmati) Different View

Figure8: The Shade from the falls

Figure9: Reservoir

Figure10: Mulkharka Glory

Figure11: Hikers Board

Figure12: Bagmati above Mulkharka

Figure13: Bagmati flowing towards Mulkharka

Figure14: Trails from Tarevir to Mulkharka

Figure15: Dancing Falls

Figure16: Another form

Figure17: There are plenty of falls in those areas

Figure18: which contd…

Figure19: Here along

Figure20: Way to Okhrani Village

Figure21: Again Bagmati from the top view

Figure22: Calm Bagmati once again…

Figure23: View from up Hill

Figure24: Changu Narayan Stands on the far Hill

Figure25: Unknown Habitate

Figure26: Unknown Jungle Mushroom

Figure27: River inside the ShivaPuri Forest

Figure28: Again same here…

Figure29: The dense ShivaPuri

Figure30: Fern

Figure31: Junglee Ginger

Figure32: View of Airport from Tarebhir

Figure33: The Blend of Cloud with the Hills

Figure34: View of Kathmandu from far distance

Figure35: The Solid Rocks of the Tarebhir

Figure36: Beauty of the hills contd…

Figure37: Another angle of the same hill

Figure38: The Bagmati river is guarded by the city road

Figure39: Pecking Duck of the Tarebhir

Figure40: Another look of the Airport

Figure41: Tarebhir from close look

Figure42: Hikers through the rocky trails

Figure43: Dancing Stream in the Tarebhir

Figure44: Gettting Sun Bath

Figure45: Same herd…

Figure46: Looks like the Milky Stream

Figure47: Again 🙂

Figure48: View of closest Sundarijal

Figure49: Tarebhir from distance…

Figure50: The Cloudy kathmandu from other angle

Figure51: once again enjoy the view 🙂

Figure52: Towards Shankhu

Figure53: Liberty of WATER (Broken Pipe)

Figure54: The Pine Tree

Figure55: Pine Plantation on the way to Tarebhir

Figure56: On the way to Tarebhir

Figure57: View of the Narayanthan area from the hill

Figure58: The hikers on the trail

Figure59: Another look of Narayanthan area contd…

Figure60: The Narayanthan area again 🙂

Figure61: Young Pine

Figure62: Again The Pine Tree

Figure63: Plantation…

Figure64: 🙂

Figure65: Everywhere the pines

Figure66: The Plantation Contd…

Figure67: Professor from Pulhari

Figure68: Pulhari Monestry

Figure69: Plantation in Kapan area

Figure70: Lama blessing Shailee

Figure71: The Cows belongs to the Lama

Figure72: Log fire

Figure73: Traditional earthen stove

Figure74: Buddhist wishing flags

Figure75: Close look of those

Figure76: Plenty of them

Figure77: Enchanting view behind boudha

Figure78: The Serene trail

Figure79: The rhythm of cloud in the kapan

Figure81: Kapan from distance

Figure81: Kathmandu from Kapan

Figure82: Landscape and Monastry in Kapan

Figure83: Entrance of Kapan Monastry

Figure84: Kathmandu

Figure85: Kathmandu from kapan Hill

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  1. Great pictures and more to do here. Collection of these hiking photos could help us demonstrate Nepal’s beauty. Good job!!!

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