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Kanchan Vaidya’s US Visit

On September 30, I got aboard on a plane with two other companions to reach our destination. I was sad to leave Nepal on the day of Dashami but also excited to explore working culture and diversity of a new place. The rather long hours of flight seemed less tiresome by the presence of my team members. When we reached Boston Airport, Sagar dai, Saroj dai and Prayash were there to pick us up and then steered us to B1 Palace- apartment.

Weekdays at the US for me were all about new experiences- new workplace, new colleagues, new environment and most of all self- exploration. I encountered a renewed attitude and exposure while working in the US.

It was weekends where I could explore American lifestyle- from trying new cuisines, being part of the nightlife, shopping for groceries, travelling; it was a pleasant experience. I enjoyed watching live basketball match between Celtics and Philadelphia. I couldn’t get enough of NY-the Big Apple, everything seemed to be larger than life there. The best was yet to come as I flew for San Francisco to meet my brother, where I reached out for every nook and corner for sightseeing. The coastal climate of San Francisco was refreshing as compared to Boston which was windy and snowy most of the time in the December.

I was to leave for Nepal on December 31 and I was happy to be back home but the good memories kept me wanting more of US. Someone had rightly said, “Wherever you go becomes part of you somehow.”

Finally, I am grateful to Rudra dai and company for providing this opportunity and also appreciate guidance of Milan dai and thanks to everyone for being a good company. I appreciate Dave for taking us out to dinner andgratefulto Bipul, Manish, Suresh dai and Sagar daifor their support and companionship.

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