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Kalinchowk Hiking

To hike up to Kalinchowk you need to get 150 Kilometers from Kathmandu at Charikot. Kalinchowk is itself at an altitude of 3800m, and it might be just the right hike for you if you seek a little more challenging, adventurous hike. The walk involves walking into a steep path. The famous rivers, Sunkoshi and Tamakoshi are also originated from here. So, you will also have a chance of visiting it aside hiking.

Kalinchowk is named after Kalinchowk Bhagwati (dedicated to Hindu Goddess Kali). This gives an idea of how culturally rich the place is. The heavenly scenes will surely make you forget about the difficulties you had on your way to the top.

Kalinchowk Pictures:

Kalinchowk Facts:

Coordinates 27.79°N 86.06°E
District Dolakha
Zone Janakpur
Population(1991) 2,261

Kalinchowk Map:

Kalinchowk Hiking

Hike TitleDestination Date
DSS Team Outing to Kalinchowk 23/12/2018
Sea smoke touching the horizons at Kalinchowk 26/11/2016
Kalinchowk Hike 06/11/2016
Hiking from Charikot to Kalinchowk 06/03/2016
Hiking from Charikot to Kalinchowk 01/02/2014
2013 Mar – Deerwalk Hiking from Gairi to Kalinchowk 03/03/2013
Hiking from Makai Bari to Kalinchowk 13/11/2010
Hiking from Kharidhunga to Kalinchowk 13/11/2010
Hiking from Makaibari to Kalinchowk 22/02/2009

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