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Kalapatthar to Copenhagen


The Climate change? What a whim? What a slogan? It is, however, a true jackpot for those who know how to use it and total suicide to who do not know how to play with it. Al Gore won the Nobel prize and Obama hijacked the presidency and many more are going to use this politically hot topics in the days to come to either to ruin their future or win the biggest jackpot of their lives. No matter what, I hate it. I hate because this is a total non-sense. The earth climate has been changing for billions of years and it will continue for billions of more years to come. The creatures in the earth (of course we human beings) who can’t face climate change will cease to exist like dinosaurs.


Poor Madhav Kumar Nepal, tired of being kicked around like football by Prachanda and Girija, had a good cold day. His cabinet seating at Kalapathhar, right  in-front of the mighty Everest, could be viewed on every major TV channel around the world. Instead of having the meeting at Kalapathhar, he could have had the meeting at the bank of the holy Bagmati river. He did not need to go that far, spending to millions of rupees, to get the message out and to exhibit his helplessness. Had he had a two hours long meeting at the bank of Bagmati river, of course without the face mask, he would have known what the people in the Kathmandu valley were going through. He could have probably learned to do sth good for the capital city which does not remain AMARABATI KANTIPURI NAGARI (the heaven like Kathmandu city) which once used to be known as.


I wish these politicians would stop worrying about the climate change which they can’t control and get back to the basic and do their damn job. The climate will change and human beings may not exist from million years from now. Dinosaurs will probably come back from the grave. The climate cycle continues and the Kalapathhar may go under the sea and Copenhagen may turn to the 10,000 ft. Mt Shiva. Who knows?  

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