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Hiking from Kakani to Tarkeshwor via Panchmane

On October 15, the team had planned to go for a short hike from Raniban to Jamacho. They were, of course, unaware of the fact that the army had closed the area down. This was a blessing in disguise, however, as the team headed towards Kakani for a hike that would be longer, much more interesting and much more fun – and not just because Kakani is associated with JAITI, which, in turn, is associated with bhaam majja.

Photos : Bhasker N. Bhattarai / Vishnu Kshettri / Abishesh Joshi
Report : Aashis Dutta koirala
Caption : Vishnu Kshettri

Figure1: Group of October 15

The team passed through Ranipauwa on the way to Kakani, and, needless to say, stopped by at JAITI to pick up around three liters of the now quite famous plum wine. The team climbed up to a point little above Gurjebhanjyang. It was around here (at least from what the author recalls) that the team found itself “lost in the woods” – literally.

The hikers found themselves going in circles, climbing steep mounds holding on to brittle tree branches and roots, one out of three of which snapped every time you tried to hold on to it. These climbs would then be followed by steep descents through slippery slopes – at the end of which, they would be right back where they started. All this was going on amidst fresh wild boar tracks while some of the hikers were busy plucking off spiders from their faces.

The team finally managed to move through a trail behind an army barrack and reached the top at Bableshwor. At this point, it was pretty clear that a few of the hikers were now guilty of HUI (“hiking under the influence”). The steady descent towards Tarkeshwor now started. The small ascetic’s hut (kuti) at Tarkeshwor came in the form of salvation for the tired hikers. A little ascetic tea (and some other stuff – let us just leave it at that) later, the hikers were all refreshed and ready to head down to Paanchmaane.

The hike ended at Paanchmaane with lunch at this nice little place with its own fishery. A lot of bhaam majja was emanating out of the office van on the way back to the office. At the end of the day, everyone was glad that the army had closed the Raniban trail down.

Figure2: Kakani Breakfast

Figure3: Kiwi farming at Kakani

Figure4: Plum Juice

Figure5: Granny of the Kakani

Figure6: Shailee, Supriya and Minal

Figure7: Indra in Action

Figure8: At the Kakani Scout Camp

Figure9: Ritesh and Dipesh in Lead

Figure10: Trail wasn’t that easy

Figure11: Inside the Shivapuri Jungle

Figure12: Shailee, Subodh and Minal behind the tree

Figure13: Some where trees were this much thick in Shivapuri

Figure14: Sungabha, the Orchid

Figure15: Wood from Shivapuri

Figure16: Stopping by Woods on a sunny noon

Figure17: Three in three different action

Figure18: Lays

Figure19: Abishesh

Figure20: Young and Matured Paddy

Figure21: Dipesh Charming

Figure22: Wild Flower

Figure23: On top of Gurje Bhanjyang

Figure24: View from Shivapuri of Kathmandu

Figure25: Tarebhir in Blue

Figure26: Climbing Down

Figure27: Shanku Valley

Figure28: Orchid

Figure29: Thick forest of the Kakani

Figure30: Dhawaleshowr

Figure31: Paddy Field from Kapan

Figure32: Hanuman at Tarkeshowr

Figure33: Guest house at Dhawalesowr (free of cost)

Figure34: Risky Descend

Figure35: SudeepK trying hard and Minal at back

Figure36: Manindra Enjoying with his Stick

Figure37: Subodh Taking care of Shailee

Figure38: Near Balaju

Figure39: Portrait of Dhawaleshowr Baba

Figure40: Manendra Baba

Figure41: Bhaam Baba

Figure42: Srinath baba

Figure43: Dipesh Baba

Figure44: Modern Matas with their Sun Block

Figure45: Panch mane pine forest

Figure46: Panch mane trail

Figure47: Local boy with baby boy

Figure48: Welcome to Nuwakot

Figure49: Public Van

Figure50: Panch mane host

Figure51: Friends…

Figure52: The Guest at the Panch mane

Figure53: Dinner at Panch mane

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  1. this hike was awesome….whatever i can remember that is haha….jaiti le garera jhyaap….worleko ta thah pani chhaina….oh and the pot and jarda ko combo….hahahaha

  2. Hmm … Rajan – thank you for posting the comment man …

    although not in this hike –

    this brings back good memories of black coffee (boiled over fire), smell of burnt wood and fish all over my jacket and body in none other than Bharati Didi’s Rainbow place … just realized it has been a long time since last hiked to North-West of the valley …

    if i’m not mistaken, kamal is this the hike where we stumbled into the cave?

    if i’m not mistaken, vish is this where you and I interrupted “pleasure-dome” at 8 AM?

  3. What you guys are doing is fantastic, putting pictures of beautiful locations near and around Kathmandu valley for the world to see.

    This will surely help make people aware that such locations exist and even get them to think about the need for preservation.

    However it makes me very disappointed to see spelling mistakes and that the names of certain locations are wrong.

    When you post something on the Internet publicly, you must be responsible for at least getting your facts correct, e.g. references to Kapan, Shankhu valley, Gurje are incorrect.

    Please do not undermine your efforts due to negligence.

  4. A big conspiracy. I am not so short as shown in the Home page picture. It is a conspiracy against me. By the way, who took this photo?

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