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Just One Dish

316. Just One Dish
Photo By: Araleya
Date: 30th Dec,2008

I took the bus from Pokhara to Kathmandu since 7.30 am and it should arrive at 2 pm but the traffic jam made me arrive at 4 pm as it was traffic jam at the only one road inbound and outbound from Kathmandu and part of road was under construction.

Many tourists including the Japanse man sat besides me got off the bus to smoke cigarettes and looked at the long queqe on the road and I was still happy with music and camera. When the car parked and turned off switch I was happy to take more still shots.. so that’s why I dint feel bothered with traffic jam.

When i saw this man walking along roadside near the bus, I was almost too late to take his shot but I twisted back to take his shot and I like shot from bus, it was higher position so it could provide perspective lines to the photo.. so it comes this composition which I like.
How he made me feel .. Just one dish, it is so precious… The way he walked looked so cheerful.
Very often I I like perspectives taken from the bus.. but taking shot from running bus on rolling road is not so easy too.

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  1. Nice Capture anyways…. Need a bit color correction (a bit yellowish) otherwise it’s superb. Nice perspective. Crumbled walls. lines and a child playing (top -left cornor), all making it more interesting snap. I really appreciate your effort….keep klicking…

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