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Job Vacancy – Manager

When i was reading “My exasperation at TU” by Shreeya, something clicked in my head and sat down for this writeup. I am also from the same batch of TU which is yet to be officially “graduated” by TU, probability is much higher that i will be graduated for a higher degree before TU relieves for my bachelors. But, still hopes are on, the “vacant frame” will be occupied with degree of TU. Our own Tribhuvan University stands at 34 rank among “Mega Universities” of the world and certainly it deserves that spot in terms of physical infrastructure and students. I am pretty sure that none of the world universities can even come closer to our mega university in terms of mismanagement.

We have been taught from our childhood that “Education gives wisdom”. We, the alumni of the University know what needs to be done for a better if not excellently, managing the University. We are merely an alumni of just mid 20s of age. I assume that those who are so called “managing” the university, know what needs to be done based on their age and education. So why this chaos even to get a certificate out of the university? It stereotype bureaucracy that wants to carry on legacy of “stone age”. Neither there is reward for good work not penalty for bad. So employees come to spent 7 hours a day at office just to make sure that they get paid at the end of month. I used to be a student of a engineering college funded by the government. Every person, from dean to peon were just using their brain to avoid if some work comes to their way at least for the next day. I was entangled with this bureaucracy a couple of times. Some friends really helped me to pacify the frustration i built afterwards.

Actually, Tribhuvan University’s bureaucracy is only a miniature of Nepalese bureaucracy. Nepal has a vacancy for a good manager not a politician. I guess, Nepalese are the most politically-aware population in the world. Even if you pick one person randomly at Ratna-park , he/she will give a half an hour speech on what should be done by constitutional assembly to be formed. Ironically, our politics is in the hand of “the most” pathetic managers in the world. We seriously should announce a vacancy(elect) for a manager who can at least stop mismanagement.

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  1. So what s next?Just wait and see!! all does the same and ofcourse me as well. Noone wants to step 1st which is the problem here.

  2. Don’t know how old politicians will lead a “New Nepal”, it’s like same wine in a new Bottle. We need a new CEO of Nepal, but Politics is like family business in Nepal.

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