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Jeevan Timilsina’s US Visit

When I was packing bag for my second visit to the US, first thing that came to mind was the weather of Boston. The heavy snowfall and extreme cold Boston the last time I visited was all over my mind. Weather prediction for the Month of July was high of 28 degree C and low 19 which was a sigh of relief.

The journey began when Harish, Bimal and I met at TIA, on a rainy morning – 29th June 2019 the KTM-BOS is a long flight and when you add a 17 hrs layover it’s a really long flight. But we managed to utilize the 17hrs layover in Doha with a warm pool session and roaming around the hot city with a chill beer in the evening in the local bar.

For a change Boston was warm and sunny this time with occasional rain. US office space was extended and fully occupied. Most of the other things remained the same, daily stand up, the client calls, urgent issues, quick meetings and the follow up with Nepal team.

Main goal of my visit this time was to follow up with our US stakeholders on the QA process and identifying the gap. I had a pretty good meeting with all the Data and Product US DMs. So, most of the time on this visit was occupied at the meetings. Thanks to everyone for their candid feedback and suggestions.

Besides work, evenings were fun in the extended stay with delicious meals cooked by Harish. Got to talk with many guests staying in the hotel every day. Learning about different countries and the different states of the US. Another fun and informative part was talking with the Uber drivers on the daily commute to the office.

Colleagues from Boston office made the US stay feel at home. Luntime in the US office was always fun. Quick walk around the parking lot after the Lunch was one of the best parts. Thanks everyone for sharing the good food, inviting us for Lunch and dinner and helping around.

The weekend was set for traveling. Got to visit a couple of states this time around. Major highlights would be

  • 4th of July Firework from the battery park New York.
  • Casino and Beach on the Atlantic City/ Ocean city.
  • Mountains, lakes and Red rock amphitheater on the trip to Denver-Colorado.
  • Planetarium, Aquariums, cruises and the Skyline in Chicago.
  • Water Parks and the rides in Wisconsin.
  • Parks, Universities and Rivers in Boston

[Jeevan Timilsina, Associate Director of Quality Assurance at Deerwalk Services Pvt Ltd. Nepal, visited Deerwalk Inc, USA, from June 30, 2019 to July 30, 2019]