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Java Contest 2007: In Retrospective

Four months after inception, the Java Contest 2007 came to an end on the 24th of February. An exhibition of selected projects from the Student and the Professional Category was held at Birendra International Convention Center, Kathmandu and was followed by the Closing Ceremony.

Team D2: (L-R) Rupendra, Sajan, Raj, Anil & Shankar

Winners were declared for both professional and student categories. The professional category was an all-D2 affair, with both participating team from the company taking the first and second position out of a number of other institutional contestants. Shankar Raj Uprety and Anil Raj Khadka booked the first place with their web-based device control application ‘ControCam’, and Sajan Sangraula and Rupendra Chulyadyo followed with their reporting package ‘OmniReports’.

Ujjwal Prakash Dhamala, now with D2, also bagged the consolation prize in the Student’s Category.

Prof. Maruyama Fujio, President, WAKHOK University delivers his thoughts

The competition was organized by WAKHOK University, Japan in association with Kathmandu Engineering College and White House College of Science & Engineering with the objective to generate greater awareness and excitement among students, professionals and the general public about the scope of IT and the potentiality of Nepali Software Industries. Participating projects were evaluated on multiple rounds on the basis of software documentation, presentation, demonstration and code evaluation. Preliminary evaluation was done by a judge panel comprising of influential figures in Nepali IT sector, and the final judgment was carried out by the Japanese panel led by Prof. Maruyama Fujio, President, WAKHOK University Japan.

The Winners: Shankar Uprety and Anil Khadka accepting first honors

“All’s well that ends well”, and looking back now, Java contest certainly appears a worthy experience, a learn while you have fun (and earn 🙂 ) event. But the development efforts were mostly affairs of the weekend and keeping up with the deadlines and selection process sometimes took the toll out of us. The contest provided us with an experience of software development under constraints: resources, time and ideas. The organizers made an appreciable effort to measure software quality not just on the basis of the final deliverable application but also on the coding structure, documentation, performance and user friendliness.

1st Runner Ups: Sajan Sangraula & Rupendra Chulyadyo finish a close second

Starting around July, we anticipate another edition of the Contest. We may need a few more enthusiasts from D2HS to make sure we retain the dominance and set a tradition. Top two ain’t that bad, but we need a few more teams for a whitewash!!

35 thoughts on “Java Contest 2007: In Retrospective

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  4. Awesome write-up. I am a regular visitor of your blog and appreciate you taking the time to maintain the excellent site. I’ll be a regular visitor for a long time.

  5. Congratulations to the winners!!
    And let’s keep up the winning spirit!!

    Hope, D2 will score more and more number of awards and keep up the trend.

    Is .NET growing complex over java? I hope not.
    In fact both java and .NET has been developed from C\C++ and branched for different purpose and functionality. Taking the basic principles and enhancing them is developing and not copying.

    Let’s hope, .NET ko contest bhayo bhane pani… D2 .NET team will bag the prize. well, we don’t have any doubt abt that.

    Once again congratulations to the winning team.

  6. .NetWins is wrong. He probably does not know difference between C/Inherited Children of C: C++, C#, and so derived .NET.
    Java has no relation to C++ as we can see the bytescode logic of Java being copied by .NET.
    Java’s pure Object-orientation does not hold for C++which is impure by birth. java based programs are stable, but C++ based programs: Clumsy, having different Runtime Behaviours. C++ language is difficult to use in depth and output is not reliable opposite of Java. Yes, Bytecodes sometimes make Java slower than C++ but world is progressing on Java’s Front. Hacking/Virus Attacks/Penetration attacks are so easy in C++ based programs, but, Versatile java is untouchable in those pretexts, because Java protects.

  7. Although being part of D2 for short time, I would like to congrats them for making D2 and Nepal proud.

    Congratulations and Keep it up!

  8. Java is nothing more than C++ copycat and even at that it does a pathetic job of trying to be what it is not …. and nope .NET is not Java copycat … maybe the other way around … Java sucks

  9. बाउ भन्‍दा छोरो जान्‍ने
    खुकुरि भन्‍दा कर्द हान्‍ने

  10. Sure being #1 in Nepal and in India is big difference, my point is Java and C are the platform in Nepal is to go international and with this contest D2 has done well on these fields.

    Where do i belong? well Geeta the Great Lover, keep guessing–i mean lets keep your karma working.

  11. It is a matter of great respect and pleasure to get acknowledged of the ability, knowledge, and potential, and I admire the efforts of the winners who won by spending more time in duty, the duty to conquer, win, and show others that they are some beings better than others.
    PeopleinD2: if everybody in D2 starts opening e2,f2,g2 after planning to compete with D2, D2 will not remain. Nepal always loses its efforts because: today One progresses with superior management skills, talent, duty fulfillment, and team spirit. Tomorrow, another shopkeeper will open another same shop without having any true entrepreneurship. Example: Nepal’s overall software Industry, Training Institutes, Foreign jobs contracters, Carpet, Garment, Handicrafts, Hotels, Tourism, Politics (mushroomimng Parties)..
    Imagine USA with 100s of parties like in Nepal. Imagine if bill gates would be richest in World if all of Microsft Startups partners thought they would open another megasoft as Bill is getting richer.
    These are sufficient for PeopleinD2.
    Kanchha: I always wonder the meaning of “paji” in Nepali although we use frequently. Could you elaborate its meaning in the context tyou used. I am sorry about being a Nepali but ignorant on meaning of that word. Please describe the root from where/when it started too, so, I too can curse that anti-Nepal fellow.

  12. सतीले सरापेको देश
    जे गरे पनि नहुने
    हारे पनि गाली
    जिते पनि गाली

  13. yo kun chahini bebkuf ho nepali bhayera nepal lai nai “lato desh” bhanne? yesta murkha le kahilei gari khadaina. tesko dekhaima nepal lato desh bhayechha ani D2 ka nepali gada tannera bhayechhan. yesta paji haru le garda desh dubeko ho kya. aafu pani garna nasakne ani arka le gareko pani dekhna nasakne.

    Kanchhi ko khojima

  14. We in D2 are all highly focused professionals and we care about quality and we stretch to delight our customers without worrying about who win or lose. Our management team is very focused and detail oriented and they know Paris was not built in a day. We welcome competitors becuase they train engineers for us. We hope all D2 enigneers start their own software company one day and become D2’s competitors. That’s the only way to help Nepal and Nepali. We are up to the challange. Our managament team is not seeking promotion via media. Bottom lines matter to all of us.

    We are one big family.

  15. ” Being a king among poorest of poorest” is in Nepali “Lata ko Desh ma gaada Tanneri” which is saying able to speak among the dumbs.Even to appear at that level in Nepal is concievalbly the extreme satisfaction and talentmanship. Again, Dovan will write another blog based on it: no Women, see Male society, only males win. All other Nepalese are dumfbounded and fools not having competitive spirit and just faking up their capabilities just to run their companies and not supporting fully for their brains. I wonder Nepalese Media: No news on being top of Nepal. Even the participants and the team keepers have some responsibility to demystify themselves among Nepalese public and to rest rest of the world. A Talent hidden is worthless. What happens with your Java Expertise if nobody else knows it except your own organization/143 viewers till now. Please show yourself dudes, let the world know u exist, then opportunities start following you and to your company, and later to your country.

  16. It was a miss not to be a part of the winning team.Becoming a part of losing team is nightmare never to succeed. If RajG were here, he would have loved the moments and RajG what about your AI now? after you did the thing in InfoSys, India? I also saw your photo profile in Post graduate link of some website may be Melbourne University, but, you have vanished, please keep blogging.
    The Topmost Photograph is certainly the best among others as it shows the glistening team spirit.
    Mabi, FOFL means First Often Fails to LAND?
    Yee Kanchha, Kallai Bhanna khojya tero fren JYADA bolne D2 founder bhanera, RuraP laai? Kehi jyada leta garchha kaanchha, timi ta naamai kaanchha paryou, sadhai kam, Kaanchhi paau, subhakamna.
    Yee Pawan, timi Fierece in Desire kahile dekhi hunchhaun ni, tyo bhanya ke, lute kukur jasto kura nagar na.

  17. D2 External sources say that Mabi is right and competitors are going to suck blood out of its promoter/s soon, let us see publicly what happens, and the time will not be far when D2 will have more challenge than ever as said by Pawan the great. Geeta, I don’t know Pawan, but I want to be part of G2 (geeta2) that u will open up, coz, I luv duty like as much as u do. The Commenter Rag G is new one never seen before in this blog. Can you explain urself, dude? Like other bloggers say, appearing within top 500 compared between Indians,Chinese, and Russians is certainly a big deal say after 5-10 years@@@@java.util.Date

  18. D2 boys have really proved to be the cream of cake. Agreeying with Pawan now D2 has more challange to keep it up in future. D2 bros and sis Nepalese IT sector has great expectation from you.

  19. haina you Mabi pani k bahko ho? FOFL bhanya ke ho? ma ta patakkai bhujhina. aafu ta gaule pariyo.

    Note: D2 ko euta founder ta mero school ko saathi ho. bolna ta jyadai bolthyo tara yeti dherai aat garla jasto lageko thiyena. khusi lageko chha.

    Kanchha – Kanchhi ko khojima chhu achel kina bhane jethi poila gai kya.

  20. I guess it is a big different being number #1 in Nepal versus in India. Still come to the top once is better than never.

    Pawan – where do you belong from D2, P2 or K2? Or G2? I think I am about to knwo who you are? May be I should ask Dovan to track becuase she is one of the several admins of the site.

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

  21. Why Indians are so much successful in BPO than Russians? I read somewhere; it’s those 500 Indian the world’s best Java and C programmers that humble the Russians and the Chinese.

    D2 has put together many best minds in town. That alone is not enough. Winning one time is one thing, keep winning is quite another. Be humble in words, passionate in work, and fierce in desire. Congratulations to D2 and very best of luck for coming contest.

  22. Our boys deserve every accolade that comes their way. They put in so many long tireless hours of their own time and the success was hard won which makes it all the more sweeter. Rudra remains, as always, the inspiration and support.

    And to think that the judge panel consisted of some of our fiercest competitors…

    Well done!

  23. As a non-high tech and an outsider, I heard that working for D2 is a matter of prestige now.

    Many dream of being employee of D2.

    Other competetors want the blood of its promoters.

    Congrats to the winners.

  24. Are there any java programmers in Nepal out side of D2 – or all in D2. Is D2 hiring all the best out there in the valley? I am impressed. Congratlations fellow bloggers from D2.

    Geeta – the Geeta Lovers!

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