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Janai Purnima

318. Janai Purnima
Photo By:Sangesh Shrestha
Posted Date: 5th Jan 09

This picture I took on this year’s Janai Purnima
One of the fun parts of this festival for kids and young men is to dive into the pond.
I think I am lucky enough to capture this moment.

EU Photo of the Month – January 2009

0 thoughts on “Janai Purnima

  1. Congratulations Sangesh! I loved this picture the minute I saw it. Great job. Please keep clicking. This picture reminds us our culture, heritage and the most importantly our nation.

  2. Moment captured perfectly well by Sangesh. My thumbs up. Low and wide perspective is a right choice to create a good visual impact in the picture however the ‘subject’ (person taking a dive) is not in focus.

    By the way, Sangesh you are certainly lucky enough to capture that moment but picture description’ is not enough for viewers to read about this festival of Nepal ‘Janai Purnima’. Walk an extra mile by writing a good caption and description to improve your posting here in LIN. Viewer’s will be delighted and appreciate it.

  3. Sangesh,

    Really the timing & angle of the shot are superb. Picture looks a bit SHAKY due to slow S.S.
    I think 1/160 Sec. is not fast enough to freeze such a speedy motion. Well Done Sangesh, keep clicking.
    Ani I hope, you will come out with new collections after the 3 Months’ break. Best of Luck.

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