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Hiking from Phulbari Gate to Jamacho

Hiking: Inside Nagarjuna wood
Date: August 20, 2005
Distance: 13KM
Hours: 4hr
Participants: Bhaskar, Vishnu, Niraj, Anjana, Shreeniwas, Siddhi, Binay Muna (Mrs Sharma) and Shyam (friend of Vishnu)
Report: VishnuK
Photo: Team
Caption: VishnuK
Creative Support: BishwaK/DijupT/DhilungK

20th August, Saturday, Bhaskar, Vishnu, Niraj, Anjana, Shreeniwas, Siddhi, Binay Muna (Mrs Sharma) and Shyam (friend of Vishnu) gathered at the office by 6:15 AM. Some of them were busy preparing coffee to welcome other fellow members. After taking refreshing hot sip of coffee, all of us kicked off with enthusiasm to start the journey. Microbus left the office at 7: 00 and we reached the spot at 7:30 AM. We were welcomed by two sentries at the entrance gate. We bought the tickets and commenced our hiking inside Nagarjuna wood.

Very soon, a gradual stiff climb began, which lasted half an hour. That was followed by slanting trails for next 30 minutes. After a while we found a place like a park covered with soothing green grasses and surrounded by forest with different fauna. But Southern part was opened, which clearly showed clustered building of Kathmandu valley. We rested for a while enjoying by munching away the snacks-chocolate, yak cheese, biscuit etc. to keep our stamina to continue for rest of our journey.

We proceed towards a Buddhist stupa that was in our vision from our breakfast spot. We reached at the place within an hour. At the top of this hill we came across a tower, stupa, and monks’ study house that was built by Tamang Society of Taplejung. The ascend of tower had a room for 6 to7 people. There was a veranda out side the room also, where some of us were enjoying charming beauty of nature.

To add joy to our enjoyable trip Anjana and Shyam started to sing and Muna joined the duo. Anjana suggested to dance and other members followed it up. Bhaskar danced superbly and Anjana revealed out to be a good singer.

The excursion lasted for 4 hours and approximately covered 13 kilo meters (8.1 miles). It was a memorable journey to be cherished. Appreciation should be given to Bhaskar for suggesting the route and Anjana for making it lively and others for forming the gorgeous team.

Enjoy the photographs from the trip.

Please click on the image to see its large version.

01 630 AM
02 The lastcomer
03 Ready to go – Niraj, Anjana, Bhaskar, Shyam (Vishnu’s friend), Vishnu, Muna (Shree’s wife), Siddhi, Shree (Taking the photo) and Binay (parking his bike)
04 Newar – To be or not to be
05 A nice sunny morning to start a trek
06 Is this the road we are going to take
07 No, there’s a trek path – Only 5 km!!
08 Starting on the trail
09 Bhaskar is always aware when a camera is pointing at him
10 Slippery rocks on the way
11 What happened to my camera
12 Siddhi got somebody behind him this time!!
13 A bright colored spider
14 Hey! Wait for us.
15 This bit is slippery, beware!
16 Deep in the dark woods
17 The trail ahead
18 Niraj, get off, I am shooting the rays
19 Vishnu and Muna
20 Anjana leads in the flatter parts of the trail
21 We’ll be there in an hour
22 Not been here for the past eight years!!
23 The steps make a good seat.
24 Give me some water please
25 The trail was mostly flat, being steeply uphill in only two places
26 Mero euta single
27 This is one of the best trek paths you can find in and around Kathmandu
28 The ladies together
29 Flowers on the way
30 Move on guys
31 The beautiful sky
32 Binay fighting the leeches
33 Centipedes on the way
34 One member that you hadn’t seen until now
35 This was a beautiful spot
36 Bhaskar enjoying the bliss
37 Everyone wanted a single photo in this place
38 Different shades of green in the woods
39 We wanted to set up tents and stay until the next day
40 Shyam’s mobile had an interesting ring-tone
41 Niraj found a spot that he liked
42 Shyam, look in front
43 The valley beyond
44 Zooming in on the valley
45 How can we extend the time we spend at this blissful place Snacks
46 Hills in the mist
47 Helicopters would fly below us, but this plane was higher up
48 The destination
49 A bug was found. Need to enter it in Mantis!
50 Getting into the woods from the open once more
51 From light to the dark
52 These people are still reluctant to leave this place
53 Another bug – a major one
54 Moss
55 We’re nearly there
56 Siddhi had a problem with his calf
57 The valley looks crowded from up there
58 Binay still fighting with leeches
59 It was difficult to get a glimpse around while we were in the woods
60 Some of them have reached the tower already. Niraj wants to boast he was the first.
61 The last lot to reach the top
62 Part of the Jamacho monastery
63 Singing at the top
64 Siddhi resting – little did he know who would beat him a while later
65 A less populated area of the valley
66 Chestnut blossom
67 We could see the mountains
68 More mountains
69 The magical mist – covers everything up in moments
70 The horizon
71 The way to Ranipouwa
72 The clouds covering us from behind
73 Enjoying every moment
74 Singing and dancing
75 The congested valley
76 Surveying the hills for next week’s hiking destination
77 Anjana had the most eventful trip – falling down four times and spraining her knee
78 A peacock bidding us goodbye

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  1. But saying so Vish dai’s memory power can not be overlooked!

    I know even without any reference to the archive he could have written vivid recollection of that day 🙂

  2. I don’t mean to cast any doubt on Vish’s memory, but Roja, in the pre-EU days, we used to post these reports in the intranet. That is where these reports are being exported from – archives.

  3. Vishnu dai. how do you remember every moment of every hike in d2. You summarized the report in such a way as it was just this week’s hiking. Thumbs up for Vishnu dai’s good memories.

  4. Niraj and BB look like in their teens. Anajan too looks slim.Siddhi looks same.Shreeniwas same.Binaya same. Why peacock could not get clsoer look.

  5. OMG! My first ever hiking w/D2 folks – had missed the last ones due to night shift when B2 was still under partial construction (which has its own interesting stories).

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