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Jaha chan Buddha ka ankha

270.Jaha chan Buddha ka ankha
Photo By: PIXS Angela Coles
Posted Date: 12th September

“May the truth of these words awaken transcendent wisdom and great heart of compassion in all beings. May they bring blessings to all.”

These are the eternal words of the Lord Buddha who is the epitome of peace in the world. Born a Prince, he left his regal life to live a modest life. His vision was to search the true meaning of peace. He devoted his life to this most noble of causes and bestowed those upon us in the form of his teachings. Though revered all over the world we Nepalese must be proud that this great soul was born in our country, he was one of us. But the past few decades has seen Nepal been thrown in the mist of conflict.

Let us all hope the “Eyes of Buddha” will see everlasting peace and prosperity as he had envisaged. Like the innocent and pure smile of these children may all the children of the world grow up smiling and becoming Children of Peace not that of War.

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-LIN Editor

0 thoughts on “Jaha chan Buddha ka ankha

  1. I was like “Where are the Eyes of Buddha?” when looking at the thumbnail of this shot.

    Candid catch of the smiles. I mean three smiles. Look at the Buddha, he is about to smile too 🙂

    Excellent discription as well. Since our childhood, we were tought that Buddha was born in our Nepal and we are proud of it. But the sad fact is the world does not relate Nepal with Buddha in the way we expect to (or wish to). How many of we are concerned about where exactly the birthplace of Jesus Christ is located in present day world? … think of a nucleus of some incessant warfare.

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