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Rinesh Bajracharya


IT Education in Nepal

The Information Technology sector is on a boom in Nepal with Kathmandu being the hub as far as the IT companies and colleges are concerned. As the number of IT Colleges mushroom, as has the doubts on the minds of high school graduates who are unsure of their choices when it comes to higher studies. The main attributes that make a good institute, be it in the field of IT or any other field, are the quality of the faculty, the students, infrastructure, and job placement rate. These are the main criteria that play in the mind of a student who is about to embark on his/her journey of under-graduate studies, which is pretty much going to define his future.

The number of IT colleges in Nepal has grown rapidly in the last decade. With the IT boom slowly taking its pace in Nepal, students have realized that IT is the future. Unfortunately, the burgeoning number of Colleges has resulted in compromises in quality. Apart from a very few colleges, most of the others seem to be there mainly to make money. They do not have experienced and capable teachers, very scarce resources and eventually fall short on guiding the young brains to become accomplished IT engineers.

Everest 25 Top IT Colleges in Nepal 2012 is a noteworthy listing and ranking of IT Colleges in Nepal. This, I believe, is one of a kind in Nepal and the initiative come up with this list is very much appreciated.

We are living at a time when the world needs more IT engineers, and Nepal, hopefully, will rise to the level of its neighbors by producing high-performing IT engineers capable of serving companies worldwide.

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