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Is desire a necessary evil ?

Most of the people argue that desire is necessary. I used to believe the same. I used to think that most of the inventions and good creations are the outcome of the good desires. If I were asked the same question now, I would answer “absolutely no”. Then what propels the wings of the good inventions that we enjoy today? I used to think exactly the same and that made me believe in desire in the past.  Yes, there is definitely something different, that is nothing but pure intention that drives the good works. If we intend to do something, we do it. We may do via desire as well but the two terms are surprisingly different. I will give some examples in this post to justify this.

Lets take a very simple example. You suggest your junior to be satisfied and energetic. He accepts that in front of you, but he is never satisfied. If you investigate thoroughly, you will find that he would say informally ” you are satisfied because you have a good role, good salary and so on”.  Let us consider, you made a promise to give him half of your salary and promote him to the role he desires. Does it help him. No way. His new desire just starts there. He would say next day, ” I need more of it”. Like some people are earning this much but not me. This is what simply the desire is. It never terminates. To be satisfied and efficient is not by satisfying our desire but by terminating our desire and creating good intention in place of it.

Yet another example. Suppose you are moving around in a road. Whatever you see you want it to be as you desire. Say, you just see a girl and what you at the first moment desire is that the girl be beautiful. What happens if she is beautiful and what happens if she is not beautiful. The outcome has nothing to do. We just create a desire that’s it. I do not know about girls but for boys this is a very good example of desire.

We can enumerate countless examples of desires and if we analyze through them we see that we are investing our happiness just in vain. Whether we need the outcome or not we are very fond of desire and tendency of creating desires. The desire almost always ends in dissatisfaction but we are rarely aware of the result . It is not just the source of sorrows but the sorrow in itself. It just creates next desire. In fact it is a black hole in our mind that absorbs everything but emits nothing but just desires. Then why we create desires? Our mind is accustomed to creating new desires. It’s like a drug addiction, we can not live without it. We have created strong attachment towards creating desires. Then, whats the answer to this evil? We just make ourselves free from desire first. At least we start stopping it when we are aware of its new birth.

I am not saying that we not make plans and work. We can make plans and work very efficiently without desire. When we have a good intention while we work, the result is always satisfactory.  Here we do not have desire for anything but just intent to do. We have trust on what we do but not on the desire for any result. This makes us very faithful and responsible. We believe on ourselves and live for ourselves but not in desire for having something.  The difference between intention and desire is like eat for living  or live for eating. The two sound similar but they are entirely opposite in practical life.

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