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Intelligence vs wealth

I used to give arguments for intelligence wherever it comes for Intelligence vs wealth. Now, after having some experience with both I came to realize that they are not much different in terms of what I used to reason. If we consider the lifetime, usability, value, and its attachment with our life, then both of them hold almost identical status.

First, consider the lifetime. Both intelligence and the wealth are temporary and keep on changing. Only the habituated experience can live long but its again comparable to the lifetime of wealth. For example, if some disaster happens to his/her business a wealthy person can instantly become a bankrupt: likewise if some disaster happens to physical body of a person an intelligent can instantly turn into a dull.

After lifetime consider the usability. Both wealth and intelligence have almost similar usages in human life. If not used wisely both can be destructive. Again, if we say that wealth can make one blind, then I argue that intelligence can also make blind if one does not has wisdom along with intelligence.  One can argue that intelligence is always with you and can help you when you are in real trouble.  Here I would like to say, intelligent also wipes out just like the wealth when you are in real trouble and there you are left with your dull and wild inner mind.

One may argue both for and against intelligent and wealth in terms of value. But, actually they are inter-convertible in most cases in terms of their market value or whatever you consider appropriate. Lastly I would like to consider most debatable topic that is their attachment with our life. One may argue that intelligent people are more generous and kind and they do not have much attachment with it. Actually what is true is that intelligent is equally liable to attachment and to create misery for us. For example, an intelligent person can be equally liable to be unhappy in its loss as a wealthy person could be on loss of his/her wealth. Here I do not mean that every wealthy or intelligent person is miserable. But I would say he/she is if not supported with wisdom.

Intelligent does not live long, does not always support us and does not have much value than wealth then what is actually we were debating for? There is something in mind beyond our intelligence which remains indefinitely with us. That is our inner mind and its natural wildness. So, if a person turns mad he looses his intelligence but his inner mind is still there and he shows his own natural and uncontrolled attitude. What if we make our inner mind intelligent, then it is called the true knowledge, true wisdom or whatever you want to name it: the really valuable asset for human being.

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