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Indra Jatra – Lord Bhairab

Indra Jatra - Lord Bhairab

462. Indra Jatra – Lord Bhairab
Photo By: Dijup Tuladhar
Posted Date: 24th September 2010
Location: Basantapur
Festival: Indra Jatra

Living Lord Bhairab in his chariot observing the second day of Indra Jatra also known as Yanya Punhi amongst local newar denizens. The festival is one of the most ritual festivals of Newar community in Kathmandu. Second day of Kumari Jatra (Indra jatra) which include the chariot procession of living deities Ganesha, Bhairab and Kumari and starts from Basantapur, Pyafal, Naradevi, Tengal, Bangemuda, Bhedasingh, Indrachowk, Hanuman Dhoka, and back to Basantapur .The festival is celebrated for 8 days in different ancient parts of Kathmandu valley.

Camera specification: Nikon D90
Shutter speed: 1/60
Aperture: f /6.3
FL: 200mm
ISO: 1600

190 thoughts on “Indra Jatra – Lord Bhairab

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  2. Is that lord bhairab? The title of the photo and the description does not quite match with the photograph… and irony is that it is listed under the photo of the month contest???? LIN admin????

  3. he is Bhairab, and great shot bro….The festival is celebrated for 5 days in different ancient parts of Kathmandu valley. “Sorry bro for wrong info”. It’s actually celebrated 8 Days. 😀

  4. @Ravi :Thanks to many of my friends for description [there was great confusion while writing this description which made me to consult with many people.]
    @Sangharsha : thanks brother
    @Dhilung : Thanks to Pawan and guy who was in-front of me who allowed me to use his shoulder as a stand.
    @Lava Kafle: welcome back lava dai

  5. Dijup u captured the godly moments, wowowo OMG wonderful masterpiece like Dhilung replied

  6. @Dijup: You have managed to captured the face so Divine.Congratulations.

    @sangharsha: I guess you have confused the image with Kumari, the living Goddess 🙂

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